December 19

Marlo by Drone

East Gippsland


Nestled where the mighty Snowy River meets the vast Southern Ocean, Marlo offers some of the most picturesque landscapes in East Gippsland. Thanks to modern drone technology, we can now experience these stunning vistas from a new perspective. Our latest blog post features a series of aerial photographs and videos captured over several days in December, highlighting the natural beauty of Marlo through different atmospheric conditions.

Marlo Sunrise 18 December 2021 by Drone

The day began with a tranquil sunrise on the 18th of December 2021. The sky was a canvas of overcast, displaying stunning shades of grey and diffused light that cast a gentle glow over the landscape. The absence of wind left the river and ocean surfaces mirror-smooth, reflecting the subdued morning light in a serene display. Accompanying the photos are VR360 images, offering an immersive experience of Marlo's quiet morning beauty as seen from above. This collection serves as the first of three significant drone captures, labeled as "Marlo Sunrise 18 December 2021 by drone #1 of 3."

Marlo Sunset 17 December 2021 by Drone

Contrasting the morning’s calm, the previous evening's sunset on the 17th of December 2021 was a more dynamic affair. Although too windy for 360-degree photography, the drone managed to capture robust visuals of the western sky as the sun dipped below the horizon. The footage provides a great view of the bustling pub at the town's end and the distant river mouth. As the night progressed, the local Marlo Pub began to fill up, adding a lively human element to the natural beauty of the area. This segment is aptly titled "Marlo Sunset 17 December 2021 by drone #2 of 3."

Marlo 18 December 2018 by Drone

The third segment in our drone series takes us to the west end of Marlo on the snext day, December 18, 2021. This video offers an extensive view over the west end of the town, including the iconic Marlo Hotel. The aerial footage captures the hotel in its full glory, emphasizing its central role in the town's vibrant community life and its position as a beacon for visitors. This part of the series, labeled as "Marlo 18 December 2021 by drone #3 of 3," complements the morning’s serene sunrise with a broader view of Marlo’s landscape and its key landmarks.

Each piece in this drone series not only showcases the dramatic landscapes of Marlo but also tells a story of a community living in harmony with nature. Whether it’s a quiet sunrise, a bustling sunset, or a look back in time, these drone captures provide us with a deeper appreciation for Marlo's unique charm.

Explore the complete series and more at Marlo by Drone. Dive into the VR360 images for an immersive experience and watch the videos to feel as though you’re soaring over Marlo yourself. It’s a spectacular way to witness the natural beauty and daily life of one of Victoria’s most scenic locales.


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