February 4

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Located in the beautiful coastal town of Mallacoota, the Mallacoota Artisan and Craft Markets showcase the unique and diverse talents of local artisans and craftspeople.  In addition to the diverse selection of goods, the market provides a wonderful atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. The market is held in a picturesque park near the ocean, with your morning coffee refreshment. Live music, entertainment and local artists

The sun rose over Gabo Island,
A thin line of clouds, its halo bright,
Orange below and blue above,
The ocean and lake, calm and silver.

The tide ran high, into the lake,
Campers and caravans, all awake,
Coull's Inlet, like a mirror's face,
Boats and jetties, in their stillness, a grace.

Gentle waves, at the ocean's mouth,
Cars in motion, heading south,
The sun rose above the clouds,
And the town lit up, a golden shroud.

A golden path, from horizon to shore,
Across the ocean, across the lake's floor,
The beauty and tranquility, a sight to see,
A reminder to slow down, and just be.

Let me know if you would like this as a print.


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