December 31

Mallacoota’s Wild Neighbours: From Koalas to Kookaburras



Daily Encounters with Native Australian Wildlife

Living in Mallacoota is a daily reminder of how nature and humans can coexist in harmony. It's a place where native animals aren't just occasional visitors; they're a part of our everyday life. Today, I was fortunate enough to have a close encounter with one of Australia's most iconic marsupials – a koala was leisurely munching on gum leaves just over my back fence!

Usually spotted high up in the eucalyptus trees, this furry friend was comfortably within view, offering a rare glimpse into its quiet, leafy world. And it's not just koalas that grace us with their presence. My trusty SLR, often equipped with a 600mm zoom to capture those hard-to-reach shots, has also snapped the hearty laughter of kookaburras and the distinctive shuffle of blue-tongue lizards across my path.

I've also been capturing the serene sunrises that light up the skies by the Wharf in early November, painting the start of the day with vibrant hues. These images are a testament to the untouched beauty of Mallacoota and its inhabitants.

Check out my latest blog post for a glimpse into the wild heart of Mallacoota, where every day is a new opportunity to witness the remarkable wildlife right on our doorstep.

Neighbors in Nature: Mallacoota's Morning

In the green of Mallacoota, under skies so vast and blue,
A koala feasts on leaves, with a view that's quite the coup.
High or low in gumtree boughs, they sit and chew, unfazed,
While kookaburras laugh aloft, and lizards bask, unphased.

With camera in hand, I capture life, in focus sharp and clear,
The sun's rise by the Wharf, the dawn chorus we hear.
So blessed are we who share this space, with creatures great and small,
In Mallacoota's wild embrace, a natural wonderland for all.

Catch a glimpse of Mallacoota's charming arboreal resident in our latest video, where the magic of technology meets the tranquility of nature. Our 4K lens zooms in on a koala perched high amidst the swaying branches, bringing to life a three-dimensional tableau so vivid, you can almost feel the fur's texture. As the wind weaves through the eucalyptus leaves, the tree gently rocks, lulling the koala into a state of peaceful contemplation. This close-up encounter, rendered in stunning clarity, invites you to step into the koala's serene world, all from the comfort of your screen. Experience the intimate details of wildlife in its natural habitat, where even the subtlest movements tell a story of life in the treetops.


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