August 18

Mallacoota’s Transforming Shoreline 18 Aug 2020

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Mallacoota Mouth 2020: A Panoramic Glimpse into Nature's Fluid Artistry

On 18th August 2020, an enthralling journey was captured from the skies above Mallacoota. Launching the drone from the renowned Bastion Point and soaring down to the Mouth, the expedition unravelled the breathtaking transition of this iconic locale.

One of the most striking visuals was the 1080P video footage, which, when sped up, displayed the unmistakable trail of brown tannin flowing from the lake. This was a testament to the considerable rainfall the region had experienced. The tannin-rich water painted a vivid path all the way down the coast, past the familiar boat ramp, creating an organic contrast with the surrounding blue waters.

Yet, what truly makes this collection poignant is the noticeable alteration in the landscape over the years. Observing the images side by side, one can't help but remark on how far south the mouth has drifted by 2023. Moreover, the evident absence of stretches of sand and coastline showcases nature's ever-evolving canvas. It's a gentle reminder of the transitory nature of our surroundings, influenced by both organic processes and human interactions.

For those who wish to immortalise this slice of history or are keen on appreciating the artistry of nature, the images are available for order online in a plethora of formats. Whether it's a print for your living space or a digital version to treasure, there's something for every nature and photography enthusiast.

Whether it's a stroll on the beach or a deep dive into the archives, Mallacoota's shifting sands and tides have tales to tell. As we journey forward, it becomes ever more essential to document, appreciate, and understand the dynamic interplay of nature. Let this bird's-eye view be a reminder of the beauty that once was and the hope for what is yet to come.

Amid the hush of winter's lull, as day prepares to end,
The setting sun casts amber hues, a golden glow it sends.
The tranquil shores of sandy beach, awash with molten light,
Reflect the calm of late afternoon, as day concedes to night.

The waves, they whisper secrets, to the sands they gently kiss,
Each ripple tells a tale of time, of tides and ancient bliss.
The horizon paints a silhouette, of dreams and memories spun,
As shadows stretch and playfully dance, beneath the waning sun.

The breeze, it carries stories, of seasons come and gone,
Yet in this tranquil moment, nature sings its winter song.
The golden sandy beach aglow, a canvas broad and vast,
Capturing the fleeting beauty, of present, future, past.

In this serene winter tableau, where light and shadows blend,
The calm of a late afternoon, speaks of time's gentle bend.
As the sun bids its soft farewell, and stars begin their reach,
The heart finds solace and peace, on that golden sandy beach.

This evocative image, captured on 18th August 2020, presents a breathtaking view of Mallacoota's Main Beach during a warm winter's evening. As the gentle glow of the setting sun bathes the landscape, the vast stretch of the beach emerges as the forefront, with waves gently caressing its sandy shores in rhythmic patterns. The undulating surf creates subtle textures, contrasting the deeper hues of the water, stained by the tannin rainwater from the lake, with the frothy white of the waves.

Midway through the frame, the boat ramp becomes a focal point, leading the eye towards the verdant expanse of the Mallacoota Golf and Country Club. The greenery of the club, bathed in golden sunlight, adds a serene touch against the more rugged coastal elements.

The distant horizon is beautifully layered, with the deep blue of the ocean meeting the softer blue of the sky. Fluffy clouds, tinged with the hues of sunset, float lazily, adding depth and character to the vista.

Upon Mallacoota's vast expanse, the evening sun did gleam,
Golden rays and shadows danced, in nature's gentle dream.
Main Beach stretched out wide and far, kissed by waves so slight,
While tannin from the lake did mar, the ocean's blue with twilight.

The boat ramp stood as sentinel, amidst the changing tide,
Leading to where greens did dwell, and fairways open wide.
The Golf and Country Club lay still, bathed in sunset's hue,
Guarded by the distant hill, 'neath the sky's vast blue.

Tannin-stained, the ocean vast, bore secrets deep and old,
Echoes of the rainfalls past, and tales of winters cold.
Bastion Beach, a tranquil space, where land and sea did meet,
Captured in this moment's grace, in nature's heartbeat sweet.


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