February 23

Mallacoota’s Splendid Panorama: A Tapestry of Nature

Art, East Gippsland


On this radiant morning, Mallacoota's skies were a masterpiece of nature's own making, brushed with the most exquisite shades of blue and adorned with clouds as white and fluffy as the foam that graces the shores of our beloved lake. The gentle breath of a light breeze was just enough to tease the surface of the high-tide waters, creating delicate ripples that glinted like diamonds under the sun's benevolent gaze.

The lake, a mirror reflecting the sky's grandeur, was captured in an 180-degree panoramic embrace by a series of meticulous images. These aren't mere photographs; they are the result of an arduous two-day labour of love, stitching together 21 high-resolution, 20Mb drone shots into a seamless tapestry that stretches across three rows of seven. The outcome is a series of grand panoramas, some over the tranquil lake as pictured, and others overlooking the ocean's vastness from Bastion Point.

Each panoramic scene is a testament to the intersection of natural beauty and the art of photography. The images, available in grand dimensions of up to 240 x 80 cm, with the popular 90 x 30 cm option offered at $250 each, inclusive of postage, are a celebration of Mallacoota's enchanting vistas. Choose your preferred canvas, be it the timeless elegance of a framed piece or the sleek, modern finish of an aluminium backing, and let this piece of Mallacoota become a part of your space.

In the spirit of the Mallacoota views, a poem to accompany the visual feast:

In Mallacoota's gentle clasp,
Where waters meet and reeds enwrap,
The sky unfurls its bluest sash,
And clouds parade with silken flash.

The lake, at high tide's gentle peak,
Mirrors the heavens, bold yet meek,
In panoramic views that span,
From Bastion's Point to where sands ran.

Crafted by hands with patient toil,
Two days of work, the drone's loyal coil,
Stitched in rows, a seamless sight,
Nature’s grandeur in soft light.

To hold this beauty, still and deep,
Choose your canvas, for you to keep,
On frame or metal, stretched or sleek,
Mallacoota’s charm, unique and chic.

Enquire within to claim a slice of this heaven for your own, to bring the essence of Mallacoota's tranquil mornings into your everyday.


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