October 24

Mallacoota’s Muted Morning Majesty: A Subdued Spring Sunrise 24 Oct 2023

Art, East Gippsland


Documenting Nature's Ever-Changing Canvas

Since the early days of 2020, I have been fortunate enough to document the captivating transformations of Mallacoota's skyline. Each sunrise, in its unique way, narrates a different story, and today was no exception. As dawn crept over Mallacoota this morning, the presence of a dark cloud layer out at sea cast a more muted palette across the horizon. While the colours were more subdued than some of the vibrant displays I've captured in the past, the serenity and beauty remained undeniable.

A Gentle Display of Nature's Artistry

This morning at precisely 6 am, Mallacoota's landscape was bathed in a softer light, with hues of gentle oranges, dusky lavenders, and deep blues. The calm spring atmosphere, combined with the sombre cloud cover, resulted in a sunrise that was darker yet still radiantly lovely.

From Static Images to Immersive Experiences

Capturing this ethereal moment was not limited to static photographs. A stunning 4K drone video, which has been shared on YouTube, offers an elevated perspective of the coastal splendour. The panoramas provide a sweeping view of the expanse, while the VR360 tour invites you to immerse yourself fully into the serene Mallacoota morning.

A Continual Journey of Discovery

My journey of documenting Mallacoota's landscapes is a testament to the region's ever-changing beauty. While some mornings are ablaze with vibrant colours, others, like today, present a more reserved beauty. Yet, each day provides a fresh perspective, a new story, and a renewed appreciation for nature's artistry.

Become a Part of the Story

I invite you to join me on this visual journey. Head over to YouTube to watch the 4K drone video. Your likes, comments, and shares are greatly appreciated. Engage with the content, share your reflections, and together, let's marvel at the wonders of nature.

In the quiet of Mallacoota's morn,
Before the sun's heralded reborn,
Pink tints the clouds, a delicate hue,
A painter's dream, a vision so true.

The lake, a mirror, captures the sight,
Reflecting the heavens, awash with soft light.
Though sun remains hidden, its presence is clear,
In the pastel-drenched sky, its promise draws near.

The world is in pause, a breath held in wait,
For that first golden ray, to illuminate its state.
In this tranquil moment, nature's grace does unfold,
With pink-laden clouds, and lake stories retold.


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