November 5

Mallacoota’s Mornings: A Symphony in Green and Blue 5 Nov 2023



The coastal town of Mallacoota, a treasure nestled in the eastern corner of Victoria, greets another day with a display that artfully blends the natural elements. This morning, the sun, in its full eastern splendour, washes over the town, setting the scene for a day of serene beauty.

The Tidal Ballet

As the town stirs to life, the tides perform their daily ballet. The outgoing waters weave intricate patterns in the sand, a delicate artwork that speaks of the night's secrets now laid bare by the retreating sea. The inlet, connected to the heartbeat of the ocean, ushers the sea water back and forth, revealing a remarkable green clarity to the waters. This unusual vibrancy is a testament to the rich, teeming life below, a mirror of the lively ecosystem that thrives beneath the waves.

A Canvas of Sand and Water

The expansive beach, with its yellows and golds, stretches out like a canvas waiting for the brushstrokes of the tides. Each granule of sand, a pixel in the larger image of Mallacoota's landscape, shines under the rising sun. The horizon is graced by the silhouette of Gabo Island, a constant guardian watching over the tranquil drama that unfolds daily.

Morning's Light

The sun in the east casts a golden pathway across the water, inviting the day in with a warm embrace. The sky, a vast expanse above, balances the scene with its deeper blues to the east and a gathering of grey whispers to the west. This dance of light and colour is a daily ritual, one that captures the essence of Mallacoota's charm.

A Day in Mallacoota

From the Coull's Inlet to the open sea, Mallacoota's environment is a dynamic stage where nature's most elegant performances are a daily occurrence. The town itself, a quiet witness to this beauty, sits nestled between the lake and the embrace of the green sea.

Here, in Mallacoota, every day is an opportunity to witness the majesty of the world around us. As the sun ascends, we are reminded of the cycles that dictate the rhythm of life here—the ebb and flow of the tides, the journey of the sun across the sky, and the ever-present dance of nature.

Join the Experience

We welcome you to experience the beauty of Mallacoota's mornings through these words and invite you to join us as we continue to explore and share the marvels of this special place. Feel the warmth of the full sun in the east and see the tides carve their stories in the sand. Mallacoota is not just a location; it's a moment in time, forever captured in the heart.

Please visit our blog, engage with our community, and share in the comment section your own experiences of Mallacoota's magic. Let's celebrate together another great day in this corner of Australia.

Upon the dawn at Mallacoota's edge,
The full sun rises from the ocean's ledge,
Casting its net of gold on waters green,
A spectacle of beauty, calm, serene.

The lake, a mirror, to the sky so vast,
Reflects the clouds that by the west are cast,
While eastern light in radiant glory spills,
The land in warmth, the air with splendor fills.

Through Coulls Inlet where the tides retreat,
The sea's embrace and sandy shores do meet,
Here sun-kissed waves in rhythmic dance recede,
And nature's handiwork is scribed in reed.

The beach lies stretched, a canvas pure and bright,
Adorned in yellow sands 'neath morning light,
While far beyond, where eye and sky converge,
Gabo stands, the ocean's hymn and dirge.

Such is the scene where day begins anew,
With vibrant strokes on a palette of blue,
In Mallacoota's haven, time stands still,
As sun in east the heart with wonder fills.


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