September 27

Mallacoota’s Gentle Whisper: A Bird’s-Eye View of Spring

East Gippsland


As the warmth of late September enveloped Mallacoota on Wednesday, 27th September 2023, the town unveiled its quiet allure. Casting the drone skywards, I embarked on an aerial journey to capture the mellow essence of the town. With the three-quarter moon casting a gentle glow above Gabo Island and the setting sun offering its golden embrace in the west, the scenery was nothing short of poetic.

Quiet Wharves and Lakeside Leisure

The drone’s lens focused on the wharf, more like a haven of tranquillity than a bustling port. A houseboat rested, gently bobbing, its stories untold. Not far from it, the M.V. Loch-Ard cruise boat stood anchored — a silent sentinel awaiting its next voyage. The numerous small jetties scattered around the lake cradled dozens of boats, each narrating tales of past adventures and future voyages.

The Spring school holidays meant occasional pops of colour and laughter - campers, making memories. Yet, amid the sporadic flurry of activity, the serenity of Main Beach, the mouth, and the vast expanses of the lake captured the heart. As the day's canvas painted itself with hues of blues, from the sky to the mirrored lake below, a few wisps of clouds hinted at a change, drifting from the northwest.

Relish in this serene splendour of Mallacoota through the immersive 360 VRs, the expansive panoramas, and snapshots that echo the lake's whisper and the sky's embrace.

From a bird's eye perch in the pale blue sky,
Where the moon over Gabo does lie,
And the sun from the west casts its golden hue,
Over Mallacoota's waters so true.

The quiet wharf, where the houseboats rest,
With the Loch-Ard standing proud, looking its best.
Dozens of boats, at the jetties they stay,
As reflections in the lake dance and play.

School holiday campers, scattered around,
Seeking the beauty that's easily found.
For to the north, clouds slowly creep,
Yet the lake, like a mirror, is vast and deep.

Captain Stevenson's Point, standing so grand,
Overlooking Main Beach and its golden sand.
From this lofty height, it's easy to see,
The endless charm of land and sea.

So let us cherish this sight, so rare,
Of Mallacoota's beauty, beyond compare,
For in this moment, from up so high,
It's a glimpse of Australia, under the sky.


360VR, Drone Shots, Gabo Island, Houseboat, Jetties, Lake Views, M.V. Loch-Ard, Mallacoota, Panoramas, Quiet Wharf, Spring

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