December 1

Mallacoota Wharf: Capturing the Deluge 4 days of Rain

East Gippsland


Embracing the Elements on Day Four of Rain

Welcome to our latest blog post where we delve into the captivating scenes at Mallacoota Wharf, amidst an unrelenting downpour that has now reached its fourth day. This extraordinary weather event has dramatically reshaped the landscape around the wharf.

The Wharf Under Water

The lake, swollen by continuous rainfall, has risen by about 2 meters, leading to a significant flood that has engulfed the wharf area. This influx of water has brought a dramatic change to this usually bustling spot, now a tableau of nature's might.

The Interplay of Elements

One of the most striking aspects of this scene is the mixing of tannin-stained rainwater with the ocean. This interaction creates a fascinating visual spectacle of white and brown foam, dancing on the waves. The light wind and the overcast sky, with a gentle drizzle, add a moody yet serene atmosphere to the setting.

Captured Through the Lens

Braving the light rain, I ventured out with my drone, hoping it could handle the damp conditions. The risk was worth it for the stunning images captured – each frame tells a story of resilience and beauty amidst the chaos.

Immersive Experiences Await

Enjoy an immersive experience with our 360 VR view, detailed photographs, and a video on YouTube that bring you closer to the heart of the action at Mallacoota Wharf. Each medium offers a unique perspective on this natural spectacle, inviting you to witness the raw power of the elements in harmony.

A Wet Yet Wondrous World

As we continue to document these remarkable rainy days, we invite you to explore the transformed world of the Mallacoota Wharf through our blog. It's a celebration of nature's unpredictable beauty, a reminder of the powerful forces that shape our natural landscapes.

Experience the flooded Mallacoota Wharf through our latest collection of 360 VR, photos, and video.


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