January 19

Mallacoota Poetry Jan 23



Betka River mouth, a sight to behold,
Where the river meets the sea, a story to be told,
A place of tranquility and serenity,
Where nature's beauty is on full display for all to see.

The water, a mix of fresh and salt,
A haven for fish, a place to be caught,
Where the tide ebbs and flows,
And the water glows.

The sand, a golden stretch,
A place to sunbathe and sketch,
Where the waves crash on the shore,
And the sea breezes roar.

The dunes, a natural fortress,
A place of peace, and a source of us,
Where you can wander and explore,
And the beauty of nature is yours to adore.

Betka River mouth, a place of wonder,
A place to escape, and let yourself wander,
Where the beauty of nature is on display,
And the memories made, will never fade away.

Mallacoota, by the sea,
A place of natural beauty,
Where the waves crash on the shore,
And the sun sets in a fiery hue.

The inlet, a tranquil haven,
Teeming with life, both big and small,
Where you can cast your line,
And reel in a fish, big or small.

The bushland, a symphony of greens,
A sanctuary for the wild and free,
Where you can wander and explore,
And discover the secrets of the trees.

The beaches, a stretch of gold,
Where you can lay in the sun,
Or take a dip in the crystal clear water,
And feel the coolness as it runs.

Mallacoota, a place of wonder,
Where the beauty of nature is on display,
A place where memories are made,
And where the heart can stay.

The beach of Betka, a paradise found
Yellow sand, rocks of every shade, a playground surrounds
Green and blue sea, a sight so serene
A swim here, a dreamlike scene

Dolphins at play, jumping and spinning
Nature's symphony, a joyous beginning
A swim in the clean sea, a feeling divine
A chance to connect, with the ocean and its brine

The sun on my skin, the breeze in my hair
I close my eyes, and let out a prayer
For this moment, forever to last
Betka's beauty, a treasure to hold fast

The dolphins, a reminder of grace
Nature's wonder, we can embrace
A day at Betka, memories to be made
A place to return, time and again, never to fade.

Bastion Beach from Inlet to the sea,
Surfing waves and swimming free,
Dolphins playing in the tide,
Crystal clear blue green water wide.

Rocks jutting from the sand,
Lake serene and peaceful, grand,
Fishing boats bobbing out from the shore,
Nature's beauty forever more.

Gabo Island Lighthouse stands tall,
Guiding ships through one and all,
A beacon of hope in the night,
A guiding light, shining bright.

The sun rises over the sea,
Bringing new adventures to be,
With every wave and every breeze,
Bastion Beach Mallacoota, a place of ease.

Where the water sparkles bright,
And the sky is a stunning sight,
A place where memories are made,
Sand waves and sea forever to be stayed.

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