March 27

Mallacoota Mornings: Pelicans, Wharf, and the Bastion Mouth



Today's journey takes flight from the iconic Mallacoota wharf, where a squadron of pelicans gather in quiet camaraderie. These feathered locals, ever the opportunists, await the return of fishermen, their eyes keen and bellies ready for the day’s catch.

Our drone dips and soars, capturing this communion in the shallows. The propellers hum a tune that only the wind understands, as we ascend to behold Captain Stevenson’s Point. Here, the spectacle unfolds further, with the lake's water merging into the ocean’s embrace at Bastion Point—crystal clear and beckoning.

We fly on, the drone's eye alighting upon the water, capturing the majestic dance of light across the surface. The palette below is one of nature’s finest—aquamarines and sapphires laid bare beneath the open sky.

Circling back, the pelicans command our attention once more. They are the unwavering sentinels of the sea, as much a part of Mallacoota as the wharf itself. The drone eases down, finding rest on the very spot from which our journey began.

In today’s blog post, you’ll find the video of this serene expedition, a gallery of panoramic shots, vivid photos of the pelicans, and a stunning 360° image that will make you feel as if you’re soaring with us.

Join us, friends, in this digital odyssey, and may your spirits be lifted as high as our drone upon the breezes of Mallacoota.

Soar virtually 100 metres up for a breathtaking 360VR view near Captain Stevenson's Point. Overlook the sparkling lake, the peaceful holiday park, and the distant wharf leading to the open mouth of the Pacific. This panoramic image captures Mallacoota's tranquil beauty in a single frame.

On Mallacoota's gentle wharf we start,
Above the pelicans, our flight departs.
The fishermen with catches freshly won,
Clean their fish as we ascend towards the sun.

Over Captain Stevenson's point we glide,
With every turn, the views do swell with pride.
To Bastion's mouth, where ocean and lake kiss,
A scene so stunning, brimming with bliss.

The pelicans, our guides, they wait below,
As we dance with breezes that easterly blow.
Back to the wharf, our journey finds its end,
In this place where sea and spirit blend.

Land we do, on timbers worn with tales,
Mallacoota's beauty, in this flight prevails.
A circle closed, a voyage through the air,
With nature's grace found everywhere.


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