November 11

Mallacoota Mornings: A Journey into the Sun 11 Nov 2023

East Gippsland


This morning's second drone flight in Mallacoota offered a dramatically different perspective from the first, capturing the sun now fully risen, hovering just above a bank of clouds on the horizon. Our journey took us eastward, into the sun, unveiling a tapestry of natural landmarks bathed in the warm glow of the morning sun.

As we headed towards Captain Stevenson's Point, the drone's camera caught the sun in a mesmerizing dance with the clouds. To the left of this radiant sun, Gabo Island and its iconic lighthouse emerged, almost as if they were shyly peeking out from the morning light. The lighthouse, a sentinel in the distance, stood out against the backdrop of the rising sun, creating a picturesque scene.

Swinging the camera to the right of the sun, Bastion Point came into view. The boat ramp and the mouth of the lake were clearly visible, enveloped in the morning's golden hues. This vantage point offered a unique glimpse into these integral parts of Mallacoota's landscape, highlighted by the sun's warm embrace.

The drone then soared over the park, its camera capturing the verdant greenery shimmering under the sun's rays. The park, a jewel in Mallacoota's crown, appeared even more vibrant and inviting under the soft morning light.

As we ventured over the quiet town, the warmth of the sun brought out the quaint charm of Mallacoota. The houses, streets, and local structures were illuminated, showcasing the peacefulness and beauty of the town waking up to another serene day.

This morning's flight was not just about capturing images; it was about experiencing Mallacoota in its most magical moments. To encapsulate this feeling, I was inspired to write:

Eastward bound, into the sun's gentle rise,Past Stevenson's Point, under the morning skies.Gabo's lighthouse winks, in the sun's soft embrace,As Mallacoota awakens, with a tranquil grace.

To the right of the sun, Bastion Point lies clear,Boats and lake's mouth bask, in the sunlight so dear.The park glows beneath, in a verdant sheen,In the town's quiet morn, a peaceful scene.

In this morning's light, the town gently stirs,Under sunlit skies, nature's beauty occurs.In every frame, a story to unfurl,Mallacoota shines, a hidden pearl.


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