May 2

Mallacoota Lake Sunset Serenade 2 May



Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Mallacoota Lake at sunset on 2 May 2023. This serene drone video captures the tranquil waters of the lake, mirroring the resplendent blue sky and fluffy white clouds above. Our journey begins at the quiet foreshore camping grounds, gliding through the idyllic Harrisons Channel, with the majestic ocean to our left, separated by a slender sandbar, and the enigmatic Gabo Island beckoning from the horizon.

As we soar about 2km from our starting point past Horse Island, we make a graceful turn, flying back inland and meandering past Rabbit Island and Goat Island, and towards the charming town of Mallacoota. We are afforded a splendid view of the quiet wharf and the picturesque Coull's Inlet to the right of the town. Our flight then takes us to the captivating mouth of the lake, where it converges with the mighty South Pacific Ocean at Bastion Point. With high tide upon us, witness the ocean's gentle caress as it slows its advance into the lakes.

We continue our journey back to the town, sweeping over the sporting oval and catching a glimpse of the innovative new skate park. Our aerial adventure concludes with a gentle landing beside the local church where we took off. This mesmerising 15-minute video is the result of a 40-minute flight, during which we captured several awe-inspiring panoramas. To explore these visual treasures, visit the link to my blog and indulge in the enchanting beauty of Mallacoota Lake at sunset.

"Sunset Serenade at Mallacoota Lake"

Immersed in beauty, bathed in twilight's hue,
A tranquil canvas, Mallacoota's view,
Where mirrored waters, resplendent and clear,
Reflect the sky, and white clouds sailing near.

Our journey starts at quiet foreshore grounds,
Through idyllic Harrisons Channel, bounds,
The ocean's majesty to our right lies,
While Gabo Island calls from distant skies.

Two kilometers from our start we've flown,
Past Horse Island, and then back we're thrown,
Meandering past Rabbit and Goat Isle,
Towards Mallacoota, a charming smile.

A splendid view of quiet wharf appears,
And Coull's Inlet, where the water nears,
At captivating mouth of lake we're led,
Bastion Point, where ocean and lake wed.

The high tide whispers, ocean's gentle touch,
Into the lakes, it slows its dance as such,
Then back to town, the journey takes its course,
Sporting oval, skate park, with youthful force.

Our odyssey ends beside the church's light,
A gentle landing, as the day turns night,
In Mallacoota's enchanting embrace,
Sunset serenade, a moment of grace.

Virtual Reality 360 Tour: Experience the captivating beauty of Mallacoota Lake at sunset like never before with our immersive VR 360 tour. This mesmerising virtual journey, featuring four stunning images, transports you along the serene flight path, offering unparalleled perspectives of the tranquil waters, the majestic ocean, and the charming town of Mallacoota. Glide through Harrisons Channel, witness the breathtaking convergence of the lake and the South Pacific Ocean at Bastion Point, and marvel at the idyllic town's picturesque wharf and Coull's Inlet. This immersive VR 360 tour invites you to revel in the enchanting beauty of Mallacoota Lake's sunset vistas and create unforgettable memories from the comfort of your own home.


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