August 9

Mallacoota Inlet and Park 2nd August 2020

East Gippsland


Mallacoota's Dual Perspective: A Glimpse of Transformation

2nd August 2020

Mallacoota welcomed us with open arms on this splendid day. The sun may have been playing hide and seek, but the beauty of the Foreshore Park, especially when viewed from Captain Stevenson's Point, was nothing short of breathtaking. Our drone took to the skies, capturing the essence of the day in an expansive 4K video, providing a bird's-eye perspective of the park in all its glory.

As our drone hovered over the landscape, it became evident that the recent tannin-stained rains had left their mark. The lake, tinged with the deep brown hues of the rain, snaked its way out to meet the Pacific Ocean. The intricate patterns formed by the low tide were nothing short of artistry by nature.

For those who love the immersive experience, our 360VR tour puts you right in the heart of the scenery, allowing you to take in the panoramic vistas and feel the serenity of the location.

Alongside this, our collection of 180 carefully curated images captures the diverse facets of Mallacoota – from the calm of the lake to the gentle waves of the ocean, and from the sandy stretches to the lush green patches of the populated areas.

Mallacoota Inlet and Park 2nd August 2020
A longer video 4:38 of the newly opened inlet showing the tea coloured water running out and a flyover the Captain Stevenson's Point end of the park and oval Sunday 2nd the last day they allowed tourists in the park before we were shutdown. #lovemallacoota #loveeastgipplland #mallacoota2020


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