July 2

Mallacoota Emergency Services Training Day

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Joint Emergency Services Training: 

A Showcase of Preparedness and Collaboration

Mallacoota Wharf, Sunday, July 2, 2023

In the picturesque coastal town of Mallacoota, a commendable collaboration of Emergency Services took place at the main wharf, exhibiting the true spirit of readiness and unity. The participating agencies included Victoria Police (VPol), State Emergency Service (SES), Country Fire Authority (CFA), Volunteer Ambulance, and the Coast Guard. The event was meticulously organised to ensure the community's safety and to bolster the capabilities of the valiant teams who serve us.

Morning Briefing

The day commenced at 8:00 AM with a comprehensive briefing and planning session. Team leads and members from the agencies gathered to discuss the day's activities, goals, and collaboration strategies. It was imperative that communication channels remained open, and the teams understood each other’s roles.

Real-Life Simulations

At 10:00 AM, the action began with real-life emergency simulations. The scenarios meticulously designed for the day included a fire, treating burn victims, managing a potential drowning situation, and dealing with a marine emergency. The marine emergency simulation required teams to rescue people and search for a missing person. These simulations required the utmost precision, coordination, and swift action.

The fire and rescue services displayed a stunning display of skill in containing a simulated fire, the SES  rescuing burn victims. The Coast Guard, along with the SES, showed impressive teamwork in marine rescue operations.

The Volunteer Ambulance played a crucial role in tending to the casualties and ensuring that they were safely triaged and removed from the boats.

Reflecting and Refuelling

After the intense activities, teams congregated at the CFA building for a debriefing session. The session allowed participants to reflect on their actions, learning points, and areas for improvement. It was essential for all the units to comprehend the importance of seamless collaboration during emergencies.

To conclude the event, a hearty BBQ lunch was served, allowing participants to mingle, share experiences, and build stronger bonds.

Looking Ahead

The day was not just about training, but also about fostering relationships between different emergency services and understanding how they can synergise their efforts for the community's benefit. There was a unanimous agreement amongst the participants on the value of such collaborative training, and everyone was looking forward to repeating this in the future.

This event stands as a testament to the dedication and prowess of our emergency services. The people of Mallacoota can rest assured knowing that such proficient and united teams are ready to protect them.

Beside the wharf, as dawn alights,
On calm, sun-kissed winter’s morn,
The heroes gather, hearts take flight,
In Mallacoota they adorn.

With SES, their orange hue,
And CFA with hoses strong,
The Coast Guard sails on waters blue,
Volunteer Ambulance sings along.

The Vic Police, with stern command,
Guide practice drills, and hands that heal,
On shallow lake and channels grand,
Their dedication, true and real.

A fire roars, fake victims wail,
Rescuers sprint in well-timed chore,
On waters deep, then shallow trails,
The drills they’ve practiced now ashore.

The pelicans, serene, observe,
On warm, calm waters, they glide free,
As heroes’ hearts and souls converge,
In tireless acts, on land and sea.

A debriefing at CFA,
With barbecue and stories shared,
A day well-spent, they’ve learned today,
Their skills honed sharp, their hearts prepared.

This sun-kissed day, on Mallacoota’s shore,
With services united, and spirits soared,
In shallow lake, and channels deep,
They trained, they learned, for lives to keep


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