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Mallacoota Coast Guard

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Sunday Adventure with Mallacoota Coast Guard: A Glimpse into their Practice Drill

On a serene Sunday morning, the sun struggled to peek through a grey sky, casting a beautiful golden reflection over the tranquil lake. It was the perfect setting for a routine run with Mallacoota Coast Guard's Rescue 306, an impressive boat an 8.5m NAIAD powered by two 250 hp Suzuki engines.

At 9 am, with the low tide and a gentle breeze from the northeast, the Coast Guard's powerful vessel cut through the calm water. A few other boats were scattered across the lake, their inhabitants seeking a rewarding catch, while some laid idly at their jetties, gently bobbing in sync with the rhythm of the tide.

I followed the path of Rescue 306 as it sped up past Rabbit Island, its powerful engines humming in harmony with the calm environment. After smoothly navigating around the well-known marker buoy, John Bull, the boat took a confident turn towards the west.

As the Coast Guard's vessel gained speed, I increased my altitude to capture the compelling sight. Watching the boat's progression through the glassy lake surface was truly a sight to behold. The boat left behind a trail of expanding ripples, a testimony to its powerful passage through the serene lake.

Turning back towards the wharf past Stingray Point, taking in the panoramic vista. Below, Rescue 306 made a figure eight turn in the distance, close to The Narrows.

Here are a few photos and a video to help you experience the serene yet thrilling spectacle of the morning. It's moments like these that emphasise the charm of Mallacoota, its tranquil lake, and the dedicated service of the Coast Guard.

Take a captivating VR360 tour of Mallacoota Lake with three unique views:

  1. Rescue 306 at the Jetty: Experience an up-close view of the powerful Rescue 306 from 20m up, docked in tranquil readiness.

  2. Rabbit Island Approach: At 30m, feel the thrill as the boat sets off towards Rabbit Island, carving a path through the calm waters.

  3. Aerial View of the Lake: From 100m high, soak in the panoramic beauty of Mallacoota Lake with the speeding Rescue 306 at its heart.

This tour blends nature's grandeur with the excitement of a high-speed boat journey, offering an immersive VR experience.


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