April 18

Majestic Sinkhole and Rugged Cliffs of Mallacoota Coast

East Gippsland


Embark on a Virtual Journey Over the Mallacoota Sinkhole

Welcome to a unique visual experience where the raw beauty of nature’s handiwork is revealed through the lens of cutting-edge technology. Join us on a virtual expedition over a captivating geological marvel situated a mere 700 meters south of Shipwreck Creek in Mallacoota: an impressive sinkhole that nature has sculpted just 50 meters from the beckoning shore.

As we commence our aerial odyssey, the drone peers southward, the sinkhole gradually commanding our gaze. It lies cloaked in the rugged embrace of the Australian coast, a secret gradually unfurled as we draw nearer. The camera angles downward, granting us a peek into the abyss where the ocean's pulse enters, a rhythmic wave cascading within this concealed cavern.

With an artful zoom, we delve into the sinkhole’s intimate dance with the sea, unearthing a landscape rich in contrasts where kelp-draped rocks and boulders lie strewn, each wave a brushstroke on this dynamic canvas.

Retreating slightly, we're swept along the coastline in a sweeping panorama. The drone then gracefully pivots counterclockwise, maintaining its vigil over the sinkhole while bringing the towering cliffs into sharp relief. These stoic guardians rise some 20 to 30 meters high, their faces etched with the tales of time, sediment layered upon sediment, history petrified into rock.

With a gentle rotation, a secluded rocky inlet is revealed, gracing the scene with its rugged charm. At the heart of the frame lies the clandestine tunnel through which the sea whispers into the sinkhole, charting a clandestine course of 50 meters to meet the open maw of the chasm.

The journey continues as the drone arcs to face northward, catching a fleeting glance of the elusive Shipwreck Beach, veiled by the coastal contours. Gliding over the sinkhole, the view descends to uncover a hidden rocky enclave where seaweed reigns, half-drowned by the encroaching tide.

Turning eastward, the drone retreats, sweeping over the hinterland where resilient flora clings to life amidst a graveyard of trees—silent sentinels to the bushfires that once raged here. In the distance, a horizon stretches, crowned by a diaphanous layer of clouds veiling the cerulean dome above.

As our visual voyage nears its end, we ascend for one final overview, the drone taking its leave at a majestic height of 100 meters. What unfolds is a symphony of land, sea, and sky—a timeless spectacle of Mallacoota’s rugged grandeur.

We invite you to immerse yourself further into this remarkable narrative with our exclusive 180-degree panoramas and 360VR images. For an even deeper dive into this stunning coastal feature, visit our blog at coota.au. We promise an encounter that's as informative as it is mesmerising, a true feast for the senses that transcends the ordinary. Join us, and let the spirit of exploration lead you over the extraordinary terrain of Mallacoota's dramatic sinkhole.

To listen to this poem press Play above

Beneath the azure canvas of the Australian sky,
Lies Mallacoota's shore where seabirds cry.
A symphony of waves performs without cease,
Carving a masterwork—a sinkhole's silent peace.

In whispers, the ocean speaks to the rugged land,
Its breath shaping cliffs with a sculptor's hand.
Layers of time stand in sedimentary grace,
A rugged beauty etched upon the cliff's face.

There, where the land meets the frothy brine,
A sinkhole cradles the sea's design.
A hidden cove, where shadows play,
On rocks and kelp where the light will fray.

Inside this chasm, the world's heart beats,
With each wave's crash and retreat.
Nature's own amphitheater, grand and wild,
Where untamed elements are reconciled.

The cliffs, sentinels of stories untold,
Guard the sinkhole's secrets in their folds.
This is a place where the land has wept,
In its bosom, countless eons slept.

Behold the majesty of the coast's embrace,
Feel the spray, the wind’s cool grace.
Here, the earth whispers of its oldest tale,
Of wind, and wave, and wonder—where the mundane pales.


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