March 18

Low Tide Reveals: The Dynamic Sandbar of Mallacoota Mouth

East Gippsland


As the tides of March ebb, Mallacoota Mouth unveils its shifting sands. Today's blog post captures the low tide's reveal of the sandbar, an ephemeral bridge from Bastion Point to the pulse of the sea. Our drone dips and weaves, offering 360° views and 180° panoramas, each a story in its own right. The textures and colors of the scene—sandy hues against the dark, rugged rocks, and the sea's myriad blues—create a vibrant mosaic. It's a dance of nature captured in high-definition, a tribute to the ever-changing landscapes crafted by the tides.

At Bastion Point, where waters meet and part,
The sandbar rises, a temporary heart.
The sea retreats, revealing earth's own spine,
A fleeting moment, caught in brine's decline.

Gabo's faint whisper on the edge of sight,
As tides sculpt shores in the soft morning light.
Here, the ocean's breath, in low tide's grand expose,
Weaves tales of ebb and flow in serene repose.


AerialPhotography, BastionPoint, DroneViews, GaboIsland, LowTide, MallacootaMouth, MarchTides, NaturalMosaic, OceanPatterns, sandbar, seascape, TidalArt

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