November 19

Lakes Entrance from the Lookout 19 Nov 2023

Art, East Gippsland


The 180-degree panorama showcases the striking beauty of Lakes Entrance from a vantage point that reveals the sweeping grandeur of the region. The cerulean hues of the sea blend seamlessly with the sky, while the lush greenery of the land provides a vibrant contrast. The waterway carves through the landscape, a serpentine ribbon of turquoise that guides the eye from the bustling township out to the open sea. The gentle curvature of the coastline, dotted with sand and foliage, tells of a place both dynamic and serene.

Lakes Entrance: A Panoramic Splendour

Upon the lookout, breeze in hand,
Views sweep wide across the land.
From town to sea, the eye does roam,
Over this coastal mosaic home.

Where the river meets the tide,
Boats upon the blue reside.
The sun casts down its golden nets,
In the water, light pirouettes.

A tranquil bend, nature's own art,
Captured in photos, holds the heart.
Every frame, a tale anew,
Lakes Entrance, a panoramic view.

Through the lens of the drone, the panorama provides an intimate yet expansive understanding of this unique intersection of human life and nature's whimsy. The photographs and videos capture moments frozen in time—a boat speeding by, leaving a trail in the water, or the calm of the early morning before the town stirs.

Available in various artistic expressions, from paper prints that convey the delicate details to aluminium prints that reflect the vibrance of the scene, each piece offers a window to relive the moment.


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