November 20

Lakes Entrance Coast Guard

East Gippsland, Sport


From high above, the watchful eye of a drone captures the essence of vigilance at Lakes Entrance—the Coast Guard station, steadfast by the glistening waters. The bird's-eye view reveals the vital facility, with its rescue boat poised at the jetty, ready to brave the undulating tides of the lake. This is a place of safety, a beacon of hope, where diligent guardians keep a watchful eye over the serene yet unpredictable waters that caress the town's edge.

Guardians of the Lake: A Lakes Entrance Salute

In the dance of shadow and light,
By the water's edge, stands a sight.
Coast Guard's haven, bold and grand,
Vigilant keepers of sea and land.

Their vessel, moored with pride,
Through the lake's heart, it does glide.
Eager to aid, swift to save,
Brave souls who navigate the wave.

Overhead, the drone does sweep,
Capturing tales of the deep.
A story of service, silent and sure,
In the footage, their legacy endure.

This video tribute, with views of the station, the rescue boat, and the panoramic backdrop of the town and its tranquil waters, serves as a testament to the Coast Guard's unwavering commitment. Available in varied formats, from immersive 360-degree videos that allow you to stand sentinel beside the Coast Guard, to framed photos capturing the quiet dignity of their outpost, each medium offers a glimpse into the life-saving role these guardians play.


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