June 10

Lake Views 7 June



From Captain Stevenson's gaze, behold the grand array,
Past lake and sand, where sky and ocean play.
Gabo Island at the edge, beneath the canopy of day,
In shades of blue and white, and clouds of grey.

A Majestic View from Captain Stevenson's Point

Welcome to another splendid day in paradise! Today, I'd like to share with you a breathtaking perspective from high above Captain Stevenson's Point. It is a view that stretches out across the serene lake, past the pristine sandbanks, and into the vast, deep-blue embrace of the Pacific Ocean. This mesmerising panorama is perfectly framed by a canvas of blue sky, adorned with scattered clouds of white and grey. On the horizon, Gabo Island stands as a stoic sentinel, adding to the overall splendour of the scene.

This extraordinary vista was captured in high-quality 180° panoramas, giving a near-complete view of the surroundings. But that's not all! I have also put together a fascinating 360° RV, an immersive experience that allows you to virtually step into this stunning landscape and explore it from every angle. And if you enjoy videos, there's one ready for your viewing pleasure, beautifully encapsulating the serene ambience of the place.

Our journey to this panoramic marvel was an adventure in itself, each moment revealing a new facet of the place's beauty. The tranquility of the lake, the sun-kissed sands leading to the sea, and the distant Gabo Island, all came together to create a sight that is truly unforgettable.

Please take a moment to immerse yourself in this visual feast. Let the peaceful scenery wash over you, transporting you to this tranquil spot on the edge of the Pacific. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, I hope this snapshot of natural beauty brings you a sense of peace and joy.

So, sit back, relax, and let's journey together to the stunning view from Captain Stevenson's Point. Let the calm of the water, the warmth of the sand, and the depth of the ocean connect you with the timeless beauty of our incredible planet.

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Suspended above the serene lake on this tranquil afternoon, our 360 VR images capture the breathtaking panorama as the sun hovers, low in the western sky. The lake mirrors the radiant azure above, undisturbed and smooth, like a sheet of glass. The sun's gentle, warm rays create a kaleidoscope of pastel hues across the sky, the water, and the distant landscape. This spectacle of nature's tranquillity, painted in a rich palette of sunset colours, is encapsulated beautifully in these immersive images.


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