October 2

Lake Mallacoota 2 Oct

East Gippsland


 Sunday Skies: Mallacoota's Lake in October Bloom

A drone's journey over pristine waters beneath the deep blue

On a serene Sunday afternoon, as spring's first whispers graced the start of October, the skies above Mallacoota's lake unveiled a canvas of deep blue splendour, punctuated by white clouds painting the north-west horizon.

The clamour of the world seemed to vanish, replaced by the delicate hum of a drone capturing the ethereal beauty from above. Through its lens, a breathtaking video unfolds, complemented by immersive 360 visuals and a quintet of 180-degree panoramas. From the bustling town stretch of Coull's Inlet to the tranquil pockets of Karbeethong and the Narrows, the spectrum of Mallacoota's lake life is encapsulated in its entirety.

Lake's Lullaby

Underneath October's blue,
Mallacoota's waters, so true.
Clouds whisper tales from the west,
Lake's surface, a mirror, nature's best.

From Coull's to the Narrows' bend,
Nature's art, messages it sends.
Drone above, capturing the tale,
Of serene waters, and winds that sail.

For those who wish to immortalise this beauty, prints are available upon order, encapsulating the magic of Mallacoota in tangible form.

Immerse yourself in the vivid beauty of Mallacoota's lake, and let its tranquility resonate within.


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