August 18

Koala having Lunch

East Gippsland


Everyone loves a Koala, this fellow was enjoying lunch, and there was a mother and baby on a branch nearby. 5,371 people saw this one by the 6/9/2020.

On a sun-dappled afternoon in the lush Foreshore Camp Park of Mallacoota, we stumbled upon a sight to warm the heart—a koala contentedly munching on his lunch. As we tiptoed closer, the muffled crunch of eucalyptus leaves serenaded us, a sound as quintessentially Australian as the waves whispering to the shores nearby.

But the charm didn't end there. Just a branch away, we spied a tender scene: a mother koala with her joey nestled snugly against her, a living emblem of nature's gentle bond. It's these simple yet profound moments that remind us why we cherish these adorable marsupials so deeply.

Not to be overshadowed, another koala was caught in the midst of a leisurely scratch, perched comfortably in the crook of a tree's fork. It was a tableau of pure, unaffected bliss that only nature can compose—three koalas, three distinct snapshots of life in the eucalypts, each telling its own story.

For those enchanted by these furry ambassadors of the Australian bush, we've captured the essence of this idyllic encounter in a series of prints. Whether you're looking for a keepsake to remember your travels or a gift that encapsulates the spirit of Australia, these images are a perfect choice.

We invite you to bring a piece of Mallacoota's koala magic into your home. These prints are available for order through Redbubble, or you can reach out for a custom print tailored to your preferences.

As you explore the offerings, imagine the gentle sea breeze, the rustle of the gum leaves, and the soft gaze of our koala friends. This is Mallacoota—wild, serene, and wonderfully alive.

To view the prints and bring the beauty of Mallacoota's koalas into your space, visit Redbubble or contact us for a custom order.


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