June 25

Karbeethong Lake Views



On a quiet Sunday in the heart of winter, Mallacoota reveals one of its most treasured hideaways - Karbeethong. This sunlit afternoon is one of those perfect moments when the elements conspire to paint a picture so breathtaking that it feels almost otherworldly. The placid lake, resembling a polished blue mirror, softly reflects the surrounding beauty, with not even the hint of a ripple to mar its perfection.

Karbeethong, a tranquil enclave nestled by Mallacoota's lake, boasts views that sweep you into a peaceful embrace. Today, the lake’s surface mirrors the few wispy white clouds that lazily skirt the horizon, casting a serene atmosphere that's as invigorating as it is calming.

The greenery is abundant and rich. Dense bush hugs the shore, its verdant foliage offering an exquisite contrast to the azure waters. Here and there, charming houses peek out amongst the trees, their inhabitants privileged to be custodians of such an idyllic setting. These homes, both on the shoreline and perched up the hill, have views that are nothing short of enviable.

As the eye follows the expanse of the lake through ‘the narrows’, the waterway gradually widens and gives way to a glimpse of the distant ocean to the east. The seamless blend of lake and ocean, of salt and fresh, is a reminder of the harmonious balance that nature effortlessly maintains.

No description could fully capture the essence of this place; it's something that must be felt. The crisp air, the gentle caress of the sun, and the deep sense of peace that pervades every inch of Karbeethong on this winter afternoon will forever remain etched in the memories of those fortunate enough to experience it.

Karbeethong's lake views are a testament to Mallacoota's timeless beauty. This is a place that begs for quiet reflection and deep appreciation. On days like this, it is not just a location but a feeling, a gentle reminder of the serenity that can be found in nature’s embrace.

In Karbeethong, where green trees sprawl,
Nestles the Adobe, standing tall.
Skimming the lake, as the drone does roam,
Finds the sea, before heading home.

Reflective waters mirror the sky,
Wispy clouds are drifting by.
Between the lake and azure above,
Sits Mallacoota, a place we love.


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