August 24

Karbeethong Jetty Final Moments

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A Private Local Gem Nearing its End on the Shores of Mallacoota Lake

Karbeethong Jetty is but one of the many privately-owned jetties that dot the serene edges of Mallacoota Lake. Unlike public jetties bustling with tourists, these private landmarks offer a unique, intimate connection with nature. However, Karbeethong Jetty finds itself in a fragile state, teetering on the edge of collapse. On a day marked by clear skies, light breezes, and a sun that graced us with its golden rays, we set out to capture its delicate beauty before it’s gone forever.

An Undisturbed Paradise

The advantage of private jetties like Karbeethong is their seclusion. While the public counterparts are frequented by visitors, these jetties offer a tranquil escape. The gentle rustle of the leaves and the soft lapping of the lake water against its eroding pylons formed the day's soundtrack.

Decaying Gracefully

Though its deck appears relatively intact—slightly bent and a tad twisted—it's the pylons that have given in to decay. In their weathered condition, they barely support the deck that seems to float above the shimmering water.

An Unlikely Sentinel

During our shoot, a lone pelican settled at the far end of the jetty, basking in the sun as if to keep a solemn watch over this decaying sanctuary. We couldn't resist capturing this unique moment: a juxtaposition of life and decay.

Available Prints: Own a Piece of Local History

For those who wish to immortalize this fragile beauty, we offer prints in various sizes and formats. Locally crafted frames made from recycled hardwood are available to complement these stirring images, truly bringing a piece of Mallacoota Lake into your home.

Conclusion: Farewell, Old Friend

Karbeethong Jetty, like so many other private jetties along Mallacoota Lake, stands as an unspoken testament to intimate, personal experiences with nature. As it teeters on the edge, it reminds us to appreciate the fleeting beauty that surrounds us, often in the most secluded corners of our world.

Upon the shores of Mallacoota's lake,
A jetty stands, its very soul at stake.
Its wood, once strong, now aged by sun and tide,
Yet still it lingers, dignity defied.

The pylons weak, eroded by the years,
It sighs with every wave, as end draws near.
Its deck, though bent, a twisted, creaking floor,
Still calls to hearts that knew it long before.

But lo, a pelican with feathers grand,
Alights upon this fading stretch of land.
As if to say, "Fear not, you've served us well,
Your tale is one that future tongues will tell."

And as the sun dips low, a golden haze,
The jetty whispers thanks for bygone days.
For even as its timbers lean and sway,
It stands a quiet hero, come what may.

The Karbeethong Jetty print is available on Etsy with prices ranging from $125 to $290, and that includes shipping. If you're interested in the original 42x42 framed in recycled Merbau old Jetty timber, it's priced at $395. Here's the link for more details: Thank you for your interest! Also Red Bubble in 40 Designs


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