March 9

Karbeethong 9 March

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The drone panorama captures a stunning vista of the Mallacoota lakes system, with the Upper Lake visible on the left where it meets the Narrows leading to the Lower Lake. The natural Australian bush dominates the northern shoreline of the lake, while the distant Howe Ranges provide a dramatic horizon to the scene. A closer look reveals Gabo Island on the horizon, marking the boundary where the Pacific Ocean begins.

Moving towards the right, the panorama shows the fine line of sand that connects to the town of Mallacoota, with the Bastion Point Boat Ramp visible just below a container ship on the distant horizon, likely headed towards Sydney or Melbourne. In the center foreground, the view showcases the roughly 100 houses of Karbeethong, with the Lodge situated close to the lake and a small marina featuring two houseboats and several jetties.

Overall, the panorama presents a magnificent display of the natural beauty of the area, with the pristine waters of the Mallacoota lakes system surrounded by the rugged Australian bush and distant mountain ranges, offering a sense of peace and tranquility in this remote and stunning part of the country.

On my Etsy Store, I'm offering two stunning versions of this photo, each printed on high-quality canvas and sized 90x30cm, for only $350 including delivery. The first version is a faithful reproduction of the photo as it was captured by the drone, showcasing the natural beauty of the landscape in all its glory.

For those who appreciate a more artistic interpretation, I'm also offering a second version of the photo that has been transformed into a beautiful piece in the style of Van Gogh. This interpretation adds a unique and whimsical touch to the already stunning view, making it a true work of art.

In addition to the canvas options, a framed version of the photo is also available, perfect for displaying in any room of your home or office. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this breathtaking scenery, and bring a touch of beauty into your life with one of these exquisite prints.
Contact me for different sizes and materials.

Karbeethong's Vista

The sky above, a deep blue hue,
A canvas for the scene in view,
Where rugged bush and rolling range,
Conspire to form a landscape strange.

A glimpse of upper lake, serene,
Where Narrows meet and waters glean,
A gentle flow that winds its way,
To lower depths where shadows play.

The north side, covered by the brush,
A wild expanse with secrets hush,
The Howe Ranges, in the distance,
A silent, steady, steadfast presence.

But look beyond, and see afar,
Where Gabo Island meets the bar,
The gateway where the ocean starts,
And world beyond our shores departs.

Towards the right, a line of sand,
A bridge that links to town and land,
The Bastion Point and boats in tow,
A journey's start or final show.

And in the center, nestled close,
To lake and marina's repose,
A hundred homes in Karbeethong,
A peaceful haven all along.

Here, at the Lodge, we find retreat,
And nature's beauty at our feet,
A symphony of sights and sounds,
That fills our hearts and souls around.

So come and stay, and hear the call,
Of Mallacoota's wild enthral,
Where earth and sky and water meet,
And life's sweet wonder we entreat.


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