October 24

Journey from Coull’s Inlet to Stingray Point 24 Oct 2023

East Gippsland


G'day mates and lovers of landscapes! Let's embark on an evocative aerial journey, starting from the quiet solace of Coull's Inlet, tracing the artistic curve of Lakeside Drive as it hugs the lake's edge, culminating in the grandeur of Stingray Point.

Our drone gracefully lifts from Coull's Inlet, capturing a tableau of contrasting tones. The distant ocean gleams with an inviting blue, a stark contrast to the lake's grey-olive palette, which mirrors the foreboding storm clouds amassing in the western sky. This chiaroscuro of nature sets the tone for our flight.

Following the lakeside, we witness Lakeside Drive, a snaking path that seems to have been crafted with care, binding the homes and the wilderness in a harmonious embrace. Every twist and turn of this road unveils yet another snippet of Mallacoota's charm.

Yet, it's at Stingray Point where the journey crescendos. Here, Mallacoota's prestige homes stand tall, boasting elevated views that span both lake and ocean, each architectural marvel complementing the surrounding beauty. These residences, a testament to luxury and design, offer unparalleled vantage points to watch the dance of clouds and water.

Three 180-degree panoramas allow us to savour:

  1. The contrasting tranquillity of Coull's Inlet, with its reflective waters.
  2. The blend of nature and architecture along Lakeside Drive.
  3. The luxurious vantage of Stingray Point, juxtaposing nature's drama with human elegance.

And if you wish to step into these landscapes, four 360VR images are your gateway. Stand amidst the waters, feel the pulse of Mallacoota, and witness the impending drama of the storm from the safety of opulence.

A Poem to Conclude Our Voyage:

From Coull's Inlet, where contrasts lie,
Through Lakeside Drive, 'neath a clouded sky.
To Stingray Point, with homes so grand,
Mallacoota's grace, hand in hand with man.

The storm may approach with its mighty roar,
Yet Mallacoota's charm is an ever-enduring lore.
In this symphony of earth, sky, and sea,
The heart of Australia beats free and easy.

Until we meet the skies again, may your adventures be many and your spirits forever buoyant. Cheers!


180 panoramas, 360VR images, Australia, Beauty, Coull's Inlet, drone footage, Lakeside Drive, Mallacoota, Nature, prestigious homes, Stingray Point, Storm Clouds

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