March 1

Jade Jewels: Celebrating the Crystal Seas of Autumn at Betka



As the first day of Autumn dawns, the 1st of March 2024 graces us with a warm and sunny disposition, matched by the calmness of the day. Over the Betka river mouth and beach, as we soar southwards, a spectacle of nature's palette unfolds. The ocean, a stunning crystal clear green, harmonises with the dark tannin-stained waters escaping into it. High tide, though modest between the hours of 10 and 11 am, provides an intimate backdrop to the scene.

Through a VR360 lens, we've stitched together several 180-degree panoramas, capturing the essence of this coastal wonder. The drone takes flight, first hovering over the river mouth, before venturing out to sea. It then faithfully trails the beach southward, for a couple of kilometres, ensuring not a single view is missed. This 8-minute visual journey is an ode to Mallacoota's unspoiled beauty, a homage paid in high-definition reverence.

Beneath the azure dome of sky so vast,
The ocean's green in Autumn's light is cast.
Betka's mouth whispers tales of old,
Where waters dark with tannin bold unfold.

The sun's warm kiss on sand and wave,
Heralds the season's turn, so calm and brave.
The drone, like a bird, takes to flight,
Capturing views of sheer delight.

A tapestry of sea and land,
Crafted by nature's deft hand.
The river's dance to the ocean wide,
In high tide's gentle, modest stride.

As we fly south with keen eyes,
The beach's beauty grows, no disguise.
Each frame, a painting, life's serene,
On this fine day, the first of Autumn's sheen.

As the calendar flips to the embrace of Autumn, the shores of Betka in Mallacoota present a seascape that is nothing short of mesmerising. In a video aptly named "Jade Jewels," we celebrate the serene beauty of the crystal-clear sea, now a vivid green, reminiscent of precious gemstones polished by time. This pristine aquatic canvas, bordered by the rugged charms of the coast, is captured from above as the drone glides effortlessly, revealing the intimate dance between the gentle tannin-rich river and the vast, welcoming arms of the ocean. The marriage of these waters during the small window of high tide is a rare spectacle, casting a spell of tranquillity that beckons the heart to pause and admire. Every frame of the video is a testament to Mallacoota's untouched splendour, an Autumnal serenade to the senses that promises to linger long after the final credits roll.


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