July 23

Ital Universo Container Ship



Sailing Through the Horizon: The 'Ital Universo' Off Mallacoota

Hello, ocean enthusiasts and shipping aficionados!

In today's post, we're turning our lenses towards a majestic vessel that was recently spotted off the shores of Mallacoota - the 'Ital Universo.'

This container ship, which proudly flies the flag of Italy, is an impressive sight to behold. Built in 2001 and registered in Trieste, the 'Ital Universo' boasts a Gross Tonnage of 68,888 and a Summer Dead Weight of 63,074 tonnes.

What makes the 'Ital Universo' particularly eye-catching is its massive size. With an overall length of 285 metres and an extreme breadth of 40 metres, it's no wonder that the ship was easily visible even from our coastline.

But this ship is not just about size. As a "Cargo - Hazard D (Recognizable)" vessel, it serves a crucial role in global trade and transportation, carrying a wide range of containers and goods across the vast expanses of the sea.

The 'Ital Universo' was seen sailing under active navigational status, indicating it's on its way to or from a far-flung port, carrying its precious cargo securely in its containers. With its distinctive call sign "IBSP" and MMSI number 247012900, this vessel is a testament to the power and potential of modern maritime engineering and navigation.

It's moments like these, watching these colossal ships passing by, that we are reminded of how Mallacoota is just a small part of a much larger world - one that is interconnected by these vast oceans and the vessels that navigate them.

I managed to capture a photo of the 'Ital Universo' as it journeyed across the horizon. It's a sight that inspires both awe and a sense of adventure. Who knows where the 'Ital Universo' is heading? Perhaps, its destination is another beautiful coastal town like ours, far across the ocean.

Stay tuned for more shipping sightings and remember - there's a whole world out there, just beyond the horizon!


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