August 23

How Coota.AU Brings Properties to Life



Elevate Your Real Estate Experience with Drone Videos, VR360 Tours, and Stunning Photos

Welcome to another special blog post, where we're super excited to spotlight a property listing that's not just unique but also encapsulates the essence of Genoa—a charming community of just 66 residents situated near the Victorian and NSW border. Today, we’re showcasing a property that has a history as a cafe and service station, listed on

Why This Property?

Located on the main road, opposite the Genoa Hotel and close to a popular caravan park on the Genoa River, this double-storey property offers a mix of residential and commercial opportunities. Its location is strategic for capturing consistent traffic, especially from tourists, caravanners, and holiday-makers.

But there's a catch. How do you truly encapsulate the charm and potential of such a property in an online listing? That's where Coota.AU steps in.

How Coota.AU Elevates Real Estate Listings

Drone Videos

Ever wondered how a bird’s-eye view of your potential new home would look? Our drone videos provide an exceptional view that static images just can't match. For the Genoa property, the drone captures not just the building but also its picturesque surroundings. The Genoa River, the newly constructed pedestrian bridge, and the community tennis court—all are highlighted, providing a fuller understanding of what life could be like living here.

VR360 Tours

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer just for gamers. Our VR360 tours allow you to step into the property without leaving the comfort of your home. For our Genoa listing, the VR360 tour offers you a chance to explore each room, the layout, and even the potential spots where you might place your furniture or develop your business.

High-Quality Photos

While drones and VR are fantastic, traditional high-quality photos still play a significant role in real estate. Our photos capture the essence of the property in stunning detail. From the texture of the bricks to the gleam of natural light streaming through the windows, every feature is showcased in high resolution.

Wrapping Up

Whether you're an investor eyeing commercial opportunities or a family looking for a place to call home, our multi-faceted approach ensures you experience the property in a way traditional listings can't offer.

Take the first step towards owning this gem by visiting the listing on and dive deeper into its features through our exclusive drone video, VR360 tour, and photo gallery.

Ready to unlock a new dimension in property viewing? Contact us today.


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