June 4

Horses on Betka Beach



Unveiling Betka River's Beauty: A Tranquil Drone Journey

Soaring Above Betka River Mouth and Exploring the Coastline's Treasures Including Mermaid Rock Pool and the Graceful Horses from Eden Pony Club

In the welcoming expanse of the Betka River Mouth car park, my drone began its calm journey, gliding over the coffee-toned waters towards the sandbar - a natural barrier standing between the river's exit and the splendid green-blue sea. The sandbar, a recent phenomenon due to wave action, effectively seals off the river's path towards the ocean.

An unexpected yet graceful sight graced our lenses, as a dozen horses from the visiting Eden Pony Club confidently walked onto the beach at the river's mouth. Each rider was dressed appropriately, their protective helmets gleaming under the Australian sun. While some horses cantered off north towards Bastion Point, others strolled leisurely towards the south.

With the drone following the horses' trail towards the north before capturing the southern end, I managed to present a glimpse of both landscapes. Shifting the drone's course sideways, the camera captured the impressive cliffs and rocky formations adorning the southern coastline.

A gentle breeze brushed past the scenery, causing minor ripples in the otherwise reflective surface of the river. The water mirrored the clear blue sky above and the occasional white-capped waves meeting the shore. The drone camera zoomed in, offering a closer view of the serene southern landscape and the horses in their element.

The drone ventured across the cliffs and dunes to unveil the winding charm of the Betka River, later returning to the beach. 

The excursion looped back to the river mouth, offering an equally remarkable perspective from the north side. The journey stretched over the Betka River Bridge and followed the Eden Pony Club horses as they calmly exited the beach via the BBQ picnic area.

This tranquil drone journey, featuring a number of 180-degree panoramas and an all-encompassing 360-degree view of the area, will soon enrich the content of my blog at www.coota.au

Upon Betka River's mouth, as dawn unfurls,
Ride a dozen horses, manes like swirling pearls,
Their riders poised, helmets gleaming in the day,
On this calm winter's morn, where river meets the bay.

North towards Bastion Point, some do stray,
While others meander the southern way,
Their hooves press patterns in the sun-warmed sand,
As they traverse the serene and sun-drenched strand.

Cliffs of rock form a mighty shield,
As mirrored waters the blue sky yield,
Upon this stage of nature's grand display,
The horses and riders find their gentle way.

As the day draws to its close, and the sun dips low,
The riders depart, faces all aglow,
Under the winter's sky, on this warm beach,
At Betka River's mouth, life's joys within reach.


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