November 8

Hobie Kayak Fishing Challenge: Mallacoota Awaits 8 Nov 2023

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The tranquil foreshore of Mallacoota is about to ripple with excitement as it hosts the 2023 Hobie Fishing Series 14 Australian Championship. From November 8th to November 12th, anglers from across the nation, qualified through rigorous rounds and earned points, will converge on this coastal paradise to test their skills in a tournament brought to life by the renowned Daiwa brand.

Casting Off with a Community Spirit

A Welcoming StartThe competition kicks off with a warm embrace at the Mallacoota Golf Club on the 8th of November. Competitors will gather for a welcome function and a mandatory briefing at 5:30 pm sharp, where they’ll be walked through the session times, rules, and event information. A kayak allocation and introduction of the qualifying anglers will be followed by the presentation of welcome packs—marking the beginning of what promises to be a memorable championship.

Navigating New Waters As dawn breaks on the 9th, the Lowrance Navigation Day beckons anglers to the Mallacoota Coastal Reserve, where the day will begin early with a 5:30 am registration and a subsequent briefing. Participants will get access to event boats, and the session will unfurl until 2:30 pm, giving competitors the chance to familiarise themselves with the waters that will become their competitive arena.

Fishing, Competition, and More

Divisions for All Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer feeling the call of the water, the Hobie Kayak Fishing Series celebrates diversity with multiple divisions—Open, Women’s, Masters (for those over 60), and Youth (for those aged 16 to under 18). With special discounts for Masters, Youth, and first-time entrants, the championship ensures that the spirit of competition is accessible to all.

Rewards for the Reel The lure of generous cash payouts and prizes sets the Hobie Fishing Series apart. Depending on the number of anglers, cash payouts could stretch from 1st to 10th place, while prize packs promise to make victory even sweeter. Not to be missed is the Atomic Big Bream prize—a $100 bounty for the angler who lands the biggest bream of the tournament.

Chasing the Title Anglers vie for the prestigious title of Angler of the Year (AOY), with points accumulated throughout the Hobie Fishing Series. The highest scorers by the series' end could find themselves on the esteemed Australian Hobie World Championship Team, a testament to their skill and consistency.

The Spirit of the Sport

Mallacoota’s serene backdrop will play host to a tournament where camaraderie and sportsmanship are just as important as the catch of the day. Contestants are encouraged to embody the values that have become synonymous with Hobie Fishing—fair play, respect for the environment, and a conduct that brings honour to themselves and the sport.

Join Us on the Shore

As the Mallacoota foreshore transforms into a competitive fishing theatre, we invite spectators and enthusiasts to join in the excitement. Follow the tournament’s progress, cheer on your favourite anglers, and celebrate every cast and catch. Stay tuned for the daily updates, thrilling photos, and dynamic videos that will bring the tournament to life.

For live results and updates, remember to check back here or visit our dedicated tournament page. Let the best angler win, and may the spirit of friendly competition thrive on the beautiful shores of Mallacoota.

Don't forget to share your experiences and memories from the event in the comments below. If you're joining the competition, we wish you tight lines and good times!


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