December 14

Hidden Sun, Visible Splendour: Sunrise at Bastion Point 14 Dec 2023



Welcome, dawn aficionados and lovers of the quiet morning hours,

In the soft embrace of early day, between 5:00 and 6:00 AM, I bore witness to a spectacle of the sky at Bastion Point—a sunrise not seen, but certainly felt. Today’s celestial event was a masterclass in the sun’s unseen power, as it remained cloaked behind a thick veil of clouds.

The Unseen Artist While the sun itself was shy to the gaze, its presence was undeniable. The clouds, heavy with morning grey, hung low, yet the sunrise made its entrance known through brilliant rays that shot to the southeast. It was a display of radiance—powerful beams of light cutting across the sky, painting with colours that only nature’s palette could hold.

The Symphony of Light The sea, in its ever-present vastness, lay tranquil beneath the performance above. It mirrored the clouds' steely hues, punctuated by streaks of gold and rose where the sun’s rays found their way through the cloud cover. The tide, at its ebb, had just begun to turn, poised to fill the Mallacoota Lakes Mouth once again, the water still darkened from the recent rains.

The Stage at Rest In this early hour, the boat ramp and seawall stood silent, the usual bustle of activity yet to commence. It was a moment of peace, where the elements of nature took centre stage, and humanity's constructions played a humble audience to the grandeur of the morning.

Captured Moments My drone, a faithful chronicler, took to the skies to capture this morning's elusive beauty. Through its lens, we have video that weaves a tale of light’s persistence, a series of 180° and 360° panoramic shots, and a collection of 18 photographs that will soon grace this blog. Each frame is a testament to the dawn’s quiet drama.

A Morning Poem: "Radiance Unveiled"

Though hidden behind a shroud of grey,
The sun's might shows in rays that stray.
Across the clouds, in silent breach,
A symphony of light, it does beseech.

The ocean, still, reflects the dance,
Of light that seizes every chance.
To hint at daybreak's hidden face,
In beams that time nor tide erase.

The world, in hush, awaits the show,
As Bastion Point is bathed in glow.
A quiet stage, no footfall sounds,
Nature's theatre, it knows no bounds.

"Whispers of Dawn at Bastion Point"

In the hush of dawn's first light,
Bastion Point shrouded, out of night.
Clouds in council, dark and deep,
Guard the secrets that they keep.

Sun's rays, like fingers, splay and reach,
Across the canvas, clouds beseech.
The ocean lies in wait, serene,
A mirror to the world unseen.

The boat ramp lonely, sea wall still,
Nature's pause, the world's own will.
Tide turns beneath the morning's crown,
In Mallacoota's sleepy town.

So here we stand, at day's new birth,
A moment borrowed from the earth.
As light ascends and night retreats,
In silence, our heart's beat completes.


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