February 21

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In this video, you'll see a breathtaking aerial view of Mallacoota, starting from about 3km outside of the township. The drone flies across the lake, capturing stunning shots of the numerous fishing boats dotting the surface, before reaching the John Bull mark near Rabbit Island. From there, the drone turns towards Harrison's Chanel, passing by Horse and Goat Island and making its way towards the mouth of the lake, where you can see the ocean running in. You'll get a good view of Bastion Point and the boat ramp. The drone then turns back, flying over the Foreshore Holiday Park, which is half-full of campers. You'll get a great view of Captain Stevenson's Point and the fishing boats moored on the bank.

From this incredible view, I've created a stunning panorama print, made by stitching together a series of photos taken from the far side of the lake. I took clouds from photos taken last month. The print showcases the natural beauty of the area, with its crystal-clear waters and lush greenery. The image features a wide-angle view that spans from left to right, allowing you to see the entire expanse of the lake and the town beyond. The town sits on the edge of the water, with its colourful buildings and surrounding bushland creating a picturesque scene.

There are several options available to purchase this print. The handmade original version with a 6x1cm recycled hardwood frame is available for pickup or local delivery and costs $495.
The Etsy version of this print is available in three formats - canvas with FSC® certified hardwood stretcher frames, canvas as a painting, and aluminium. These options are priced at $350, which includes worldwide postage.

All prints are carefully inspected and moisture-resistant materials are used to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Order yours today to experience the natural wonder of Mallacoota in your own home!

You can find the Etsy version of the print at the following link: https://bit.ly/m2-fs

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➼ Drone Video by Colin Dixon
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In addition to the canvas prints, I also offer handmade, custom-framed versions of the panorama. I make the frames from reclaimed wood, such as old fence pailings, that I split down the center, dress, and router a channel for the frame. Then, I mitre cut and glue the wood with clamps, sand and wax the frame, and fit the canvas to create a beautiful, unique piece of art.

The stretcher frame made from new wood, constructed in the same way.


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