February 16

Golden Hour at Mallacoota: A Drone’s Journey from Lake to Sea 16 Feb 2024

East Gippsland


As the sun dips towards the west, casting its golden rays over Genoa Peak, a spectacular transformation unfolds at Mallacoota Lake. The evening's amber light bathes the landscape, illuminating the waters all the way to the distant sea, with Gabo Island a faint silhouette on the horizon. This is the scene our drone captures in stunning clarity—a journey from the tranquil lake shores to the open ocean.

Our drone video begins with the lakeside boardwalk and fishing platform on the left, where a few jetties reach into the lake like fingers stretching for the setting sun. As we pan to the right, Mallacoota town and its bustling wharf come into view, alive with the evening's activities as boats rock gently in the water, their hulls reflecting the fiery sky.

The video takes you above the still waters, over families gathered on the jetties, fishermen awaiting their luck, and kayakers gliding like shadows on the glassy surface. The flight continues, revealing a series of 180 panoramas that offer a sweeping view of this coastal haven. Each panorama is a vivid stitch in the tapestry of Mallacoota's natural beauty, from the lush greenery along the shores to the vast expanse of the ocean beyond.

As the drone ventures towards the mouth of the lake, the interplay of light and water is mesmerizing—the setting sun's reflection is a pathway of shimmering gold, inviting the viewer to follow its journey out to sea. The panoramas capture the changing hues of the sky, a gradient of blues to oranges and pinks that speak to the heart's love for horizons.

This visual feast culminates with the sun setting behind Genoa Peak, the day's final light igniting the skies and waters with a brilliance that words can scarcely describe. It's a daily spectacle that never ceases to amaze, a reminder of nature's enduring grandeur.

Join us on the blog to experience "Golden Hour at Mallacoota" through our drone video and panoramic captures. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this moment, where the sun's descent brings a close to the day but a promise of another dawn on the tranquil waters of Mallacoota.

In the tender clasp of eventide's embrace,
Genoa Peak's shadow falls with grace.
The sun dips low, its parting gaze
Lights up Mallacoota's waters, a golden blaze.

Gabo Island watches from the east,
A silent guardian at nature's feast.
The horizon beckons, a distant call,
Where sky and ocean blend and fall.

The lake, a mirror to the fiery west,
Reflects a day's last quest.
Waves whisper stories to the sinking light,
Of ancient lands and seafarer's plight.

And as the dusk begins to bloom,
With colors the dark can't consume,
Mallacoota breathes in the sun's last kiss,
A moment of pure, ephemeral bliss.

Beneath the wide and starry dome,
Where the hearts of wanderers roam,
The sunset at Mallacoota's shore,
Is a poem, a painting, and so much more.


180 panoramas, Drone Video, fishing platform, Gabo Island, Genoa Peak, lake to sea., Mallacoota, sunset

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