June 17

Glasshouse Mountains Trip and iPhone



From Awe-Inspiring Vistas to Unforeseen Adventures: A Full Day in South East Queensland

 A Day of Drone Filming, Epicurean Exploration, and an Unexpected Event

The adventure kicked off north of Brisbane, destination – the captivating Glasshouse Mountains. The quest was to capture the timeless beauty of these volcanic titans through the drone's lens. I made three deliberate stops, each providing a unique vantage point to appreciate these majestic peaks. The drone danced gracefully in the air, immortalising the enchanting landscape.

Our next halt was 'The Barrel' at Maleny. Nestled amidst rustic tranquillity, it presented us with a gourmet delight – wine tasting complemented by a flavourful cheese platter. This gastronomic sojourn added an unexpected twist to the day's explorations.

Our journey subsequently led us to the Scarborough boat harbour on Moreton Bay. The intent was to film the sunset, capturing the tranquil scene as the day bid adieu. However, given our close proximity to Redcliffe Airport, we found ourselves within a no-fly zone. Although the drone was registered, we chose discretion over daring and refrained from flying.

Upon returning to the car, I stowed the drone away. Unbeknownst to me, my iPhone embarked on its adventure. Inadvertently left on the car roof, it tumbled onto the bustling roadway as we crossed the Ted Smout Bridge. Once we realised its absence, we retraced our steps using my iPad. During our return pass, we spotted it in the centre lane and managed a swift retrieval, blinkers flashing for safety. Despite its impromptu escape, the phone survived the incident with only a minor scratch, failing to cast a shadow over the day's enjoyment.

The day didn't end with the sunset. We visited a local Aether Brewing at Northgate that evening, the slightly battered phone accompanying us. 

From capturing the breathtaking landscapes of the Glasshouse Mountains, savouring delicacies at Maleny, to a surprising iPhone retrieval on the Ted Smout Bridge and an evening at Aether Brewing, the day was an amalgam of varied experiences – a vibrant snapshot of South East Queensland's charm.

It wasn't until the clear light of the next morning that the real surprise unfolded. A visit to the Telstra shop in South Port revealed that the phone was, in fact, mostly unscathed. The damage was confined to the screen protector, and the actual device had only a tiny crack in the top left corner. A testament to the robust design, courtesy of Apple, the phone lived on to tell its tale.

I will post some more Glasshouse Mountains Photos soon..



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