April 6

Friday Flyover: Secrets and Stories Along Betka’s Shore

East Gippsland


Unveiling Hidden Gems and Echoes of Drama in the Skies Above Mallacoota

This past Friday afternoon on the 5th of April 2024, under the generous sun that graced our coastal town, a story unfolded from the air. With my drone in tow, I set out to capture the spirit of Mallacoota's shoreline—a journey that began with the intimate walls of a cave hidden amongst the Point Danger Rocks and ended with the distant sight of a yacht sailing south, its recent past heavy with drama.

The video starts with an intimate exploration of the cave, a haven carved by time and tide into the rocky facade. The drone hovers at the entrance before delving in, its camera eye revealing the secrets held within the shadows. The gentle lull of water within the cave echoes the heart of Betka, serene and secluded—a natural swimming hole that invites a moment of secluded tranquility.

Ascending from the cave’s mouth, the drone then sweeps up the length of the beach, the sands a golden runway unfurling along the coastline. Sunbathers appear as colourful dots against the sand's canvas, and the playful surf laps at the shore, a rhythmic reminder of the ocean's gentle side.

As the drone gains height and the view widens, a notable presence catches the lens—a 60-foot yacht. This vessel, just days ago the focus of a Coast Guard rescue, now sails peacefully down towards Quarry Beach, its crew absent but their presence felt. The injured, now recovering, are not on board, but the yacht sails on—a testament to resilience and the ever-calling sea.

The journey is immortalised not only in video but in the stunning stillness of a 180-degree panorama and a 360 VR experience. The panoramic image stretches across the expanse of Betka Beach to the beckoning blue beyond, capturing a seamless marriage of sand, sea, and sky. And for those who wish to step into the scene, the 360 VR swirls around, offering a taste of standing atop the rocks, the entire panorama a digital reality.

An array of photos accompanies the narrative, each a frozen moment in time that tells its own tale—

In the quiet aftermath of excitement and rescue, we're reminded of the duality of the ocean—its power to both create calm sanctuaries and summon forces that necessitate daring rescues. 

Here is a short verse to capture the day's essence:

In drone’s flight and sunlight’s kiss,
Betka’s secrets we can’t dismiss.
A cave, a yacht, a panoramic bliss,
Stories in the tide, the wind’s soft hiss.

Friday’s venture, a visual feast,
From hidden caves to a rescue ceased.
The yacht sails on, its crew released,
As nature’s tales, by air, increased.

The ocean’s hum, a soothing balm,
On Betka’s shore, in Friday’s calm.
Yet in its depths, a storied palm,
Holds tales of winds, and nights not so calm.

Let this blog serve as an invitation to explore the layered stories of our coastline, where every rock, wave, and vessel has a tale to tell. From the quiet hideaways to the expansive views, Mallacoota's shores are a canvas of narratives, awaiting the next tide to bring in new stories to its sands.

A small cave great for a dip, see at the start of the video


180 Panorama, 360 VR, Adventure, Aerial Photography, Betka Beach, Cave Exploration, Coast Guard Rescue, Drone Video, Mallacoota, Quarry Beach, Swimming Hole, Yacht Sighting

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