February 25

Framing 24 Feb Mouth 90x30cm

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Mallacoota, a small town situated on the far east coast of Victoria, Australia, is known for its natural beauty and unique wildlife. As a drone photographer, I take photos of Mallacoota most days. Recently, I captured a stunning panoramic shot of the Mouth into the Lake on a sunny day with light winds, a fabulous blue sky, and great white clouds.

To create the panorama, I used my drone to take 21 images automatically, which were then combined as a 3x7 grid into a single high-resolution image in post-production. The resulting panoramic shot captured the beauty of the Mallacoota Mouth and its surrounding areas from above, and I decided to print it in high resolution on canvas to bring it to life.

I printed the canvas on my printer and made a stretcher frame to hold it. After framing the canvas, I decided to add a border to complete the look. I cut the recycled hardwood to size, sanded it down, waxed it and screwed it around the stretcher frame on edge, giving a 1 cm drop shadow effect on the image.

The end result was a stunning panoramic shot of the Mouth into the Lake, captured from the air and framed in a unique and sustainable way.

This project gave me the chance to create a truly made-in-Mallacoota product that captured the beauty of the town in a unique way. The canvas printing and frame construction were all done in Mallacoota, making it a special piece of art. I have many more panoramic shots like this and plan to create a new piece every day, which I will have available for sale at the next market day.

I invite you to come around and see what I have. Contact me in whichever way suits you best, whether it be by phone, text, messenger, email, etc.


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