November 16

Foreshore Mouth Print

Art, East Gippsland


The Mouth of Mallacoota, where the lake meets the might of the ocean, is often a serene spectacle—a place where azure waters gently nudge the golden sands. Yet, come November, this tranquillity can be transformed by the boisterous play of the wind, a force that stirs the waters into a passionate tango with the tides.

From the vantage of Foreshore Park, where families often laze under the generous shade of eucalypts, the day presented a theatre of nature’s elements in their most dramatic roles. The high tide rose with gusto, whipped into a frothy fervour by the November gales, as if the ocean itself was lunging to reclaim the land.

The video accompanying this blog post, taken with my trusty DJI Air 2s drone, sweeps over the churning waters and captures this wild choreography from above. It offers a glimpse into the raw power of nature, where the usual calm of the lake is a distant memory replaced by the spirited currents of a windy high tide.

Here are prints that I've crafted from moments frozen in time. Each print is a testament to the day's untamed beauty, captured in high definition, immortalised on paper. The photos tell a story of contrast—the fury of the wind against the steadfastness of the land, the perpetual motion of the waves clashing with the stillness of the printed image.

I print these images at home, I have a 17" 430mm wide printer and can print them as wide as you like. 800 wide is a good size, on paper, canvas or cotton silk. I can mount it on foam board or MDF. For larger prints I order them in.

In November's grasp, the wind takes flight,
Over The Mouth, where waters bite.
The drone soars high, against the light,
Capturing scenes of nature’s might.

The prints I hold, against the gale,
Stand as witness to the wild tale.
The park, a stage for the ocean's wail,
In a dance where no ship would sail.

This land of contrasts, fierce and bold,
With stories in the wind, untold.
The drone's eye view, now bought and sold,
In prints where nature’s heart is scrolled.

Come witness the vibrant might,
Of Mallacoota's windswept sight.
Feel the fury of the ocean's fight,
On this blustery November night.


Aerial Footage, Art Prints, DJI Air 2s, drone photography, Dynamic Nature, Foreshore Park, high tide, Local Artist, Mallacoota, November Weather, The Mouth, Windy day

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