January 2

Foreshore 2nd Jan 2023



Monday Morning 2nd January 2023. Happy New Year ALL #lovemallacoota.
Here are 4 180 panoramas at about 7am. Order on Etsy on Canvas or Aluminium 90cm wide @ $250 each, or give me a call for a Paper print in your size or crop.  

The sprawling panorama captures the serene beauty of Mallacoota Foreshore Park as observed from Captain Stevenson's Point. The lake, shimmering in hues of teal and aqua, reflects the clear skies above. This vast body of water, at high tide, draws the eye to its mouth on the far left, near Bastion Point and the boat ramp, where it mingles with the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Interspersed within the lake are sandy patches and islets, contrasting with the deep blues of the surrounding waters. Underwater seagrass formations sway gracefully, hinting at the rich aquatic life beneath. Bordering the lake, the lush greens of the park are punctuated with clusters of homes, vehicles, and recreational areas, depicting a harmonious coexistence of nature and civilisation.

The skyline above is adorned with delicate, wispy clouds, perfectly complementing the tranquil waters below. The horizon, where the deep blue of the ocean meets the vast sky, adds to the scene's allure, conveying the calm and warmth of an idyllic summer day.

Upon Mallacoota's glistening shore,
Where lake and ocean evermore,
Merge in a dance of blue and green,
A tranquil paradise, pristine.

From Captain Stevenson's Point we gaze,
Lost in the shimmering water's haze,
Bastion Point in the distance lies,
Where lake meets ocean, under the skies.

Islets and sands amidst the deep,
Hold secrets of the lake they keep,
While the village by the waterside,
In nature's embrace, does reside.

Summer's warmth and gentle breeze,
Whisper tales among the trees,
Of days gone by and memories spun,
Underneath the golden sun.


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