May 12

Floods 12 May 2021



In the last two days, Mallacoota has experienced a deluge of rain, receiving over 100 millimeters. The landscape has been transformed as rivers run, their waters swelling from the persistent downpour. Today, between 4 and 5 pm, I captured 18 striking photos showcasing the power of nature in action.

The Betka River, with its new opening, is a sight to behold. The rain has rejuvenated its flow, gushing with newfound energy as it runs out into the sea. The brown water, a testament to the heavy rainfall, carves its path through the land, reshaping the shoreline and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, at The Mouth, torrents of brown water run into the ocean. As the murky waters meet the blue sea, the contrast is both stark and fascinating. The rain has breathed new life into the rivers, allowing them to surge with force as they journey towards the sea.

This rain-soaked transformation is an incredible reminder of nature's power and beauty. These captivating images of the Betka River and The Mouth offer a glimpse into the ever-changing landscape of Mallacoota, as we witness the impact of the heavy rainfall on our rivers and shores.

Rainfall's Serenade: A Mallacoota Ode

In Mallacoota's land of ancient tales,
A deluge falls, a river's voice regales.
A hundred drops, a hundred whispers heard,
Nature's symphony, in water stirred.

Betka River's opening anew,
A vibrant force, a torrent rushing through.
Brown waters twist, they carve the shore's embrace,
As liquid threads weave through the land with grace.

The Mouth now swells with waters rich and deep,
Where ocean meets the river's brown sweep.
A dance of shades, in contrast they collide,
A testament to nature's power, allied.

The rain-soaked scene, a transformation bold,
A tale of Mallacoota's beauty, told.
For in the rivers' run, the landscape bends,
To nature's force, and life that it extends.

Witness a breathtaking interlude amidst Mallacoota's recent stormy weather in our latest video, dated 21st May 2021. In the calm aftermath of a deluge that saw over 100 millimeters of rainfall in the past two days, nature pauses to breathe - presenting a scene of serene beauty.

Under a hazy sky, a mix of grey, white clouds and patches of blue, the sun hovers low in the west at around 4 pm. Its light is softly mirrored by the lake, transforming it into a vast, tranquil mirror - a stark contrast to the turbulent weather experienced recently.

The ocean, on the other hand, tells a different story. It is brown for miles, a visual testament to the extensive runoff from the land. Small waves, whipped up into a froth of white foam, gently lap against the shore, bearing witness to the storm's recent passage.

In this moment, Mallacoota's landscape has been dramatically transformed. Rivers, swollen and invigorated by the persistent rain, flow freely. The power of nature is evident, showcasing the capacity for rapid change and the ability to swiftly return to tranquillity.

Join us on this visual journey as we capture the aftermath of the storm, reminding us all of the ebb and flow of nature, the oscillation between tempest and calm, and the enduring beauty of Mallacoota.


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