July 31

Exploring Betka Beach and River



Exploring Betka Beach and River: A Drone's Eye View

Hello, fellow explorers!

Today, we're taking you on an aerial journey around Betka Beach and the Betka River, where the water is a rich, black coffee colour - a testament to the tranquillity of this remote location. With the mouth of the river closed off, we were given a unique opportunity to document this rarely seen perspective.

Our drone, hovering like a curious bird, flew upstream past the bridge, gliding smoothly towards Davis Creek. In the distance, we captured glimpses of the southern end of the Mallacoota Golf Club, nestled amidst the lush greenery.

As our flight returned towards the southern end of the beach, we captured more spectacular views.

Our video of the journey provides an immersive experience, allowing you to partake in the sights and sounds of Betka Beach and the river as if you were there.

With this footage, we hope to share with you the unique beauty of these coastal gems in their raw, unaltered state. Stay tuned for more of our explorations.

The 360-degree image offers a panoramic view that truly encapsulates the serene beauty of this coastal region. From this unique perspective, you can fully appreciate the contrasting elements of the landscape: from the calm waters of the river, the textured beachfront, the lush vegetation, to the vastness of the open sky.

The first and second 180 panorama view provides a broad perspective of the beach, stretching out towards the southern end. Here, the line between the sea and the sky becomes blurred, and the sheer vastness of the landscape truly comes to life.

In the third panorama, we zoom in on the Betka River Mouth from behind, showcasing its striking dark hue that contrasts beautifully with the surrounding greenery.

Where river's bend and beach's end meet,
Under the sun's relentless heat,
An untold tale takes shape.
Whispers dance within the reeds,
Footprints bloom where wildlife feeds,
In this sun-drenched landscape.

Golf club green lies just in sight,
In Davis Creek's soft morning light,
It's a spectacle that seldom hides.
Near the bridge that watches all,
Observing the river's darkened fall,
In its depths, life quietly resides.

Sky and sea in distant haze,
Embrace each other in a warm gaze,
As Betka finds its rhythm, unspoken.
Soft and low, its song does flow,
Through rustling leaves, it begins to grow,
An echo of life's anthem, unbroken.

In staccato rhythm, this scene does bloom,
In the hush of Betka's tranquil room,
A wild sanctuary, unmarred and unique.
For even in its echoing silence,
It radiates a resilience,
A testament to nature's mystique.


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