April 27

Explore Rhythms of Mallacoota’s Catch: A Visual Seafood Symphony

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Today, Mallacoota's Wild Harvest Seafood Festival is a bustling hub of activity, a testament to the town's indomitable spirit and rich maritime heritage. Our latest blog post is a cornucopia of sights and sounds captured through a state-of-the-art drone video, an immersive 360 walk-through, and a gallery of vibrant photographs.

Join us virtually as we dive into the heart of the festival, celebrated on a canvas of green fields, with the azure backdrop of the South Pacific Ocean. Explore the vibrant stalls and mingle with locals at the Wild Harvest Market, where the bounty of the land and sea spills in abundance. The event honours both the delicious gifts of the waters and the ancient Indigenous custodianship of this cherished land.

Featuring succulent seafood feasts, bubbly oyster and champagne cruises, and a lively seafood market, there's a treasure trove of activities. Delight in bush food walks, participate in fishing workshops, and enjoy entertainment that will bring a smile to the young and the young at heart. This festival not only showcases the usual suspects like prawns, abalone, and oysters but also introduces the adventurous to the unique tastes of whelks, periwinkles, sea urchins, and samphire.

Enveloped by the Croajingolong National Park's rugged beauty, Mallacoota stands as a beacon of recovery from the 2019/20 bushfires. Meet the resilient souls who've poured love and labour into revitalising their community. We invite you to extend your visit, stay awhile, and experience our warm hospitality. Don't forget to bring along an empty esky to fill with the freshest seafood, straight from our waters, or produce nurtured on this fertile land.

Mallacoota dawns, anglers take their stance,
Casting lines for bream in the morning's vibrant dance.
Divers plunge for abalone, depths unseen,
While eskies wake from sleep, refreshed and clean.

Lines and hooks under the sun's broad sweep,
Flathead, gummy sharks where the dark waters creep.
Mallacoota's bounty, from morn till night's embrace,
In the ocean's dance, we find our place.

Seafood stalls overflow with today's catch,
Oysters, bream in battles fiercely matched.
Flathead sizzling, shark on the barbeque's thrill,
The market buzzes, alive with the fisher's skilled will.

Lines and hooks, beneath the day's wide arc,
In the murky depths, hunters leave their mark.
Mallacoota's feast unfolds as day departs,
In the deep's ballet, we play our arts.

As twilight beckons and lanterns start to glow,
Folk melodies rise, soft breezes softly blow.
Stories spun of the sea, shared by fireside's light,
Mallacoota's tales, a fisherman's delight.

Lines and hooks, beneath the day’s broad arch,
Flathead, gummy sharks, in waters dark and stark.
Mallacoota's feast unfolds from dawn till dusk,
In the ocean’s rhythm, amidst the waves' robust.

As twilight deepens and the lanterns softly glow,
Choral voices rise as cool sea breezes blow.
Gathered by the fireside, tales of the sea are shared,
Mallacoota’s bounty, a treasure none compared.

La da di da da, the night sings along,
La di da da, with the sea's sweet song.
La da di da da, in the deep we play,
La di da da, where the waters sway.


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