May 30

Experience “Fire in the Sky: Mallacoota Dawn” – A Musical Journey

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Experience "Fire in the Sky: Mallacoota Dawn" – A Musical Journey

Welcome to, where we celebrate the stunning beauty of Mallacoota through captivating music and breathtaking visuals. We're excited to introduce our latest song, "Fire in the Sky: Mallacoota Dawn," a dynamic gypsy swing ballad with soulful mezzo vocals, a powerful backbeat, and an Australian accent.

This enchanting song captures the serene and awe-inspiring moments of a sunrise over the Howe Ranges on the NSW-Victorian border, as seen from The Betka River Mouth in Mallacoota. Blocked by a sandbar, the Betka River Mouth provides a unique and picturesque vantage point, with Gabo Island visible on the horizon near the rising sun.

Listen and Choose Your Favourite Version

We have created two beautiful versions of "Fire in the Sky: Mallacoota Dawn" – one featuring a female vocalist and the other with a male vocalist. Both renditions bring their own unique charm and emotion to the song, and we would love to know which one resonates with you more. Click Like on YouTube for your favourite and leave a Comment if you can. I would appreciate it if you Shared it!

Female Vocalist Version: A soulful mezzo-soprano voice that captures the ethereal beauty of the sunrise and the tranquil morning atmosphere.

Male Vocalist Version: A rich and warm vocal performance that conveys the majestic and serene nature of the dawn in Mallacoota.

Stunning Drone Photos

To complement the musical experience, we have also captured some stunning drone photos of the sunrise over Mallacoota. These images include both 180-degree and 360-degree panoramas, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes and serene waterways of this Australian treasure. The photos beautifully highlight the transition from night to day, with the sky painted in hues of crimson and gold.

We Want to Hear from You!

Head over to our website and listen to both versions of "Fire in the Sky: Mallacoota Dawn." Then, let us know in the comments – do you prefer the male or female vocalist version? Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Join Us on This Musical and Visual Journey

Immerse yourself in the magic of Mallacoota with "Fire in the Sky: Mallacoota Dawn." Enjoy the music, marvel at the stunning drone photography, and share your favourite version with us. Together, let's celebrate the natural beauty and serene moments that make Mallacoota a truly special place.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We hope this song and the accompanying visuals bring a little bit of Mallacoota's magic into your day.

Fire in the Sky: Mallacoota Dawn

When I wake up - in the morning light
See the dawn breaking - it's a wondrous sight
Betka River Mouth - where the waters lie
Blocked by a sandbar - but I can see the sky

Gonna take a trip - up to Gabo Island
Close to the horizon - where the sun is rising
Fire in the sky - it lights my way
End of autumn - a brand new day

Howe Ranges glow - in the morning fire
Nature's symphony - a celestial choir
Mallacoota's beauty - it's a paradise
In the quiet dawn - under crimson skies

Gonna take a trip - up to Gabo Island
Close to the horizon - where the sun is rising
Fire in the sky - it lights my way
End of autumn - a brand new day

When I look above - I feel so free
In the morning glow - by the tranquil sea
Spirit in the sky - guides me through
Mallacoota's charm - in every hue

(Guitar solo with sounds of the ocean and birds)

Betka River’s peace - where dreams reside
In the dawn's embrace - with the changing tide
Golden rays dance - on the water's edge
Nature's promise - in the morning pledge

Gonna take a trip - up to Gabo Island
Close to the horizon - where the sun is rising
Fire in the sky - it lights my way
End of autumn - a brand new day

Fire in the sky - morning's first breath
Painting the world - in colors of the west
Mallacoota mornings - where my heart will lie
In the sunrise glow - 'neath the fire in the sky


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