September 21

Equinox Enigma: A Spring Sunrise Over Mallacoota



As the world teeters on the edge of seasonal change, Mallacoota presented us with a breathtaking spectacle this morning, 19th September. On this calm and warm spring morn, a fiery sunrise battled its way through a canopy of grey clouds, casting resplendent hues across the expansive sky and onto the serene lake below.

The drone captured this enchanting scene from high above Coull's Inlet, offering a sweeping view over the Mallacoota Wharf. The vast expanse of the lake stretched out towards the sea, leading our eyes towards the sun which remained coyly veiled behind a band of grey cloud. Further out, the silhouette of Gabo Island stood as a distant sentinel.

Interestingly, today, Tuesday, marks the equinox. A time of balance, when day and night play an almost equal hand. Though many might pinpoint the 23rd as the equinox date, it's essential to note that while this date is commonly cited, the actual day can vary slightly based on your location. The term "equinox" stems from Latin, translating to 'equal night.' It's the moment the sun is directly over the equator, making day and night approximately the same length. But remember, it doesn't always guarantee a perfect 12-hour day and 12-hour night.

This sunrise, captured just days before the recognised equinox, is a reminder of nature's awe-inspiring wonders. Mallacoota, in all its spring glory, has once again showcased its unparalleled beauty, a beauty that remains etched in time. As a notable reference, the sunrise  on the 19th graced us at 5:55 am while sunset is forecasted to bid adieu at 5:54 pm. On Saturday 23rd it will be at 5:49 am while sunset is forecasted to bid adieu at 5:57 pm.

In Mallacoota's land so vast,
Where spring and summer greet,
The equinox has come at last,
When day and night shall meet.

The fiery sky, a painted hue,
Reflects on tranquil seas,
The balance of the old and new,
With nature's gentle ease.

From Gabo's silhouette so grand,
To Coull's Inlet still,
Mallacoota, our sunlit land,
Under the equinox's thrill.


Coull's Inlet, drone photography, Equinox Enigma, Gabo Island, Mallacoota Sunrise, Nature Wonders., Spring in Australia

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