February 13

Ebb and Flow: High Tide’s Retreat at Betka Beach River Mouth 12 Feb 2024

East Gippsland


As the tides of Betka Beach swell and recede, the natural symphony of ebb and flow plays out before our eyes. Today's visit, captured just after the high tide began its gentle withdrawal to the vast ocean, presented a spectacle of aquatic ballet at the river mouth, where the energy of the water is palpable in its journey back to the sea.

The drone, our eye in the sky, swept across this dynamic landscape, recording the moment when the river's might begins to wane, leaving patterns in the sand that tell of the water's temporary reign. Our collection of visuals from today includes a captivating 360-degree image that lets you stand at the very heart of this coastal nexus, photos that freeze moments of the tide’s majestic egress, and a video flyover that traces the water's path from the river mouth to the embrace of the ocean.

The 360-degree imagery offers an immersive experience, allowing you to swivel and pivot through the panorama of Betka Beach's unique setting. The river, brimming from the recent high tide, is a testament to the power of nature's cycles, and the surrounding landscape—a tableau of rugged beauty and serene beachscapes—provides a stark contrast to the rhythmic pulse of the returning waters.

Our photos capture snapshots of tranquility and movement: the dance of sunlight on the ripples, the joy of beachgoers in the water's retreat, and the serenity that envelops those who pause to witness the moment. The video flyover is a journey along the water's retreat, offering aerial views of the shapes and trails left in the sand, a record of the tide's temporary claim on the land.

Today at Betka Beach, we were reminded of the beauty in transience, the artistry in the temporary, and the poetry in the planet’s natural rhythms. We invite you to explore this gallery and witness the wonder of the high tide's retreat—a coastal phenomenon that, while cyclical, never ceases to inspire.

At Betka’s mouth, where waters meet,
The ocean's pulse, the river's beat.
High tide's retreat, a grand display,
As February sun crowns the day.

The drone soars high, with silent hum,
Captures the scene, where tides become
A painter's brush on sandy floor,
Leaves salt-kissed patterns, nature's lore.

The ebb, it whispers to the shore,
A tale of depths, of ancient yore.
Each grain of sand, a storied piece,
In ocean's library, a ceaseless lease.

Where sky meets sea, and land does greet,
The dance of life is full and sweet.
At Betka’s brink, the waters sway,
A moment captured, then swept away.

Behold the flight, the river's sigh,
The sea's return, the gulls that fly.
In this grand space, where tides unwind,
The heart finds peace, the soul aligned.


360 imagery, Betka Beach, coastal beauty, drone footage, high tide, Mallacoota, nature's cycles, River Mouth

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