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Easter Sunday Mallacoota 31 March 2024, Air2s 4k

East Gippsland


 Soaring Sunday: Stingray Point to Fishing Platform Panoramas

Easter Serenity Captured from Above on Mallacoota's Lakeside

Easter Sunday unfolded with a balmy grace over Mallacoota, draping the town in a warmth that seemed to whisper of new beginnings. On such a day, the sky above Stingray Point was as clear as the water below, mirroring the serenity of a community at peace. This was a day for family, for quiet reflection, and for me, an opportunity to capture the stillness and beauty of the afternoon with my trusty DJI Air 2s drone.

Taking off from Stingray Point, the drone hummed gently into the sky, a mechanical bird on a mission to document the tranquility of Easter. Below, the picturesque vista of Lakeside Drive came into view, a ribbon of tarmac lined with the natural beauty of bushland and waterfront views.

The journey was smooth, the drone gliding over the point to reveal anglers at the Fishing Platform, dotted along the structure like devoted disciples of the sea. They stood in meditative focus, rods poised, waiting for the lake's bounty to grace their Easter table. The panoramic shot here captured their solitary silhouettes against the expanse of the water—a reminder of the patience and persistence that fishing, and perhaps life itself, requires.

As the drone ventured further, a series of panoramas unfolded like chapters in a visual novel. Each frame, each sweep of the camera, told a story of Mallacoota's quiet grandeur. The views stretched from the gentle inland waters out to where the lake meets the sky, nature's own version of a 'vanishing point' that seemed to pull the viewer into the infinite.

But the crown jewel of this aerial expedition was the 360-degree footage, a spherical embrace of Mallacoota's splendour. This immersive experience allowed viewers to stand at the helm of the drone, to spin the vantage point and feel as though they were flying on Easter wings.

In celebration of the day and the beauty it bestowed, a poem for contemplation:

Above Stingray Point, the drone takes flight,On Easter's calm, in soft sunlight.The anglers wait, with hopes alight,As the lake below gleams, ever so bright.

From platform to point, the panoramas span,A scenic tale where the waterline ran.The drone’s eye view, as it began,On this warm afternoon, over Mallacoota's land.

360 degrees of Lakeside Drive,Where peace and patience come alive.In the warm embrace of the Easter dive,Mallacoota’s beauty, forever to archive.

Here, where the water greets the shore,And the fishing lines quietly implore.The drone's flight tells of the lore,Of a place we adore, now and evermore.

It was a flight not just of a drone but of spirit, an Easter Sunday recording that offered more than visuals—it offered a feeling, a calmness that could be revisited with every view and every share. This blog post, with its panos and 360s, is an invitation to relive an Easter afternoon where the world, for a moment, seemed to pause in a collective breath of contentment, with Mallacoota as its serene backdrop.


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