April 6

Easter Moon Rise

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In this stunning photo, the moon is seen rising over Gabo Island on the horizon, surrounded by a striking combination of blue sky and grey clouds. The clouds are illuminated with orange, pink, and yellow hues, creating a breathtaking contrast against the blue sky. Just below the clouds, a small yellow moon can be seen in a yellow sky that gradually fades into shades of orange before meeting the grey horizon. In the foreground, the beautiful Mermaid Pool at Betka Beach is framed by layers of stunning orange-brown sedimentary rocks. The pool itself is a rich greenish-grey, and small white waves can be seen lapping at its edges. The wet, tan sandy beach in front of the pool is dotted with a few rocks, their colors reflecting the brilliant colors of the sky above.

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Out in Mallacoota, where the ocean meets the sky,
A stunning photo captures the moon as it passes by.
The hues of orange, pink and yellow fill the sky so wide,
As the moon rises over Gabo Island with the tide.

Beneath the clouds of grey, the yellow moon can be seen,
In a sky that fades to orange before it meets the horizon's sheen.
The Mermaid Pool framed by orange-brown sedimentary rocks,
As small white waves lap at its edges, like they're playing with the docks.

The wet sandy beach reflects the sky so bright,
As it's dotted with a few rocks, like stars in the night.
The beauty of Mallacoota captured in a single frame,
A sight so breathtaking, it's hard to put in words to claim.

Henry Lawson may have never seen this view,
But his spirit lives on in this land so new.
The beauty of nature and its endless creation,
Forever captured in a photo with such dedication.


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