April 1

Easter Monday : Surf, Skies, and Serenity at Bastion Point

East Gippsland


And now, a poem to embody the spirit of the day:

Beneath the blue, an ocean wide,
Surfers glide with the turning tide.
Easter's calm on every side,
Bastion Point, our joy and pride.

The drone’s eye flits from sea to land,
Capturing moments, perfectly planned.
The golf course green, the boat ramp’s sand,
In Mallacoota’s embrace, we stand.

Easter Monday, a gift anew,
Of sparkling waves and skies so blue.
A serene scene, a tranquil view,
A coastal dream, for me and you.

Skimming the Sparkling Waters with Surfers and Sun on a Calm Mallacoota Morning

The first of April might have a reputation for mischief, but here in Mallacoota, this Easter Monday is earnest in its offering of idyllic coastal delights. Bastion Point, ever the magnet for ocean enthusiasts, has put on its best Easter attire—a seamless blend of blue skies and soothing, sun-kissed waves—perfect for both the seasoned surfer and the laid-back beachgoer.

Launching my DJI Air 2s into the morning light, the drone hums above the calm seascape, capturing the laid-back holiday atmosphere that Bastion Point is renowned for. The surfers, specks against the vastness of the ocean, bob on their boards, awaiting the gentle roll of the next wave. They are the rhythmic pulse of the sea, each rise and fall a testament to the tranquility of the day.

The water is a canvas of sparkling azure, interrupted only by the artful cuts of surfboards carving through. From above, the scene is a dance—a choreography of people and nature, where the human element adds a vivacious energy to the still serenity of the seascape.

Swiveling the drone towards the shore, the footage reveals the stretch of sand leading up to the boat ramp—a sinew of connection between land and water. Here, families and friends prepare for a day of maritime adventure, their laughter and chatter a soft soundtrack to the visual splendor.

Behind, the lush green of the Mallacoota Golf Course serves as a verdant backdrop, its fairways a stark contrast to the beach's golden hues. The golfers, lost in their game, provide a parallel of focus and play to the surfers' aquatic pursuits.

As the drone completes its Easter Monday circuit, the panoramas captured speak of the harmonious balance in Mallacoota—between activity and relaxation, between the man-made and the natural.

On this serene Easter Monday, whether it's the rhythmic dance of the waves with the surfers, the camaraderie at the boat ramp, or the peaceful concentration at the golf course, Mallacoota shows off its ability to host a medley of activities, all under the watchful eye of a clear April sky. The footage and images captured today are not just for memory’s keepsake but a call to all who yearn for days like this—days of gentle winds, of warm sun, of laughter and play, all set in the unparalleled beauty of our coastal haven.


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