November 13

Discovering Mallacoota Through the Lens of Citizen Science

East Gippsland


Nestled amidst the vivid tapestry of Mallacoota's coastline, a simple yet powerful initiative invites the community to engage with the landscape in a unique way—through the lens of a Fluker Post.

As I stand beside the Fluker Post at Bastion Point, the sheer tranquility of midday is palpable. This post, part of a citizen science project initiated by Dr. Martin Fluker and Victoria University, is more than a marker. It's a call to action for us all to participate in the ongoing care of our natural environment.

The Fluker Post Project

The Fluker Post Research Project is as innovative as it is straightforward. With no cameras left in the field, the posts utilize a sign displaying a photo of the scene to guide contributors. By using the Fluker Post app, individuals can align their own snapshots with the displayed image, adding to a collective, chronological visual record of the environment's changes over time.

A Collaborative Effort

This project, capturing the essence of Mallacoota since Feb 2023, but the post was installed on 1 November 2023, it relies on the diverse perspectives of its contributors. Photos come from various devices, each adding a unique hue to the environmental mosaic we are collectively creating.

The Purpose

The Fluker Posts serve as a barometer for ecological shifts, offering data for research on sustainable land management, educational use, and the impact of climate change. It's a shared journey of discovery, where every photo contributes to a historical record of our natural world.

A Second Perspective: Captain Stevenson's Point

Further enriching our understanding, a second Fluker Post stands at Captain Stevenson's Point, providing another vantage point to observe and document the lively interplay between nature and the community.

The Shared Vision

This initiative invites us to not just view but to actively partake in the stewardship of the environment. It's a collaborative story where each photo is a sentence, each day a page, in the ongoing story of Mallacoota's natural heritage.

As I leave Bastion Point, I'm reminded that every one of us has the opportunity to be an environmental historian, one snapshot at a time. Through the Fluker Post project, we're not just observers but participants in the narrative of this beautiful landscape.


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